Elevate your snack game in Chile: Try these delicious treats!

Are you stuck in a snacking rut, reaching for the same old boring options day after day? It’s time to elevate your snack game and indulge in some of Chile’s most delicious treats! From savory empanadas to sweet sopaipillas, this South American country has something for every craving. So put down those plain potato chips and let’s explore all the mouth-watering snacks Chile has to offer!

What are some of the healthiest snacks to eat in Chile?

In Chile, snacks can mean something as simple as a piece of fruit or a snack bar, but they can also be elevated to something more special and delicious. Here are some of the healthiest snacks to eat in Chile:

Chilean Avocados

Avocados are a popular snack in Chile and for good reason! They’re packed with healthy fats, Vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium. Try pairing them with a healthy dipping sauce or enjoy them on their own as an afternoon snack.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Cake
This chocolate cake is made without any dairy products so it’s guilt-free! It also uses almond flour which gives it a very dense and moist texture. You can either frost it with a cream cheese frosting or enjoy it plain with some fresh berries for an even healthier option.

Baked Mushroom Caps Pasta
My favorite pasta dish that I’ve found in Chile is called “baked mushroom caps pasta.” It’s made with spaghetti noodles and baked mushroom caps, both of which are packed with nutrients and fiber. Plus, the creamy Alfredo sauce on top makes it irresistible!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Boho Bakery in Santiago de Chile
I’m partial to this pineapple upside down cake from Boho Bakery in Santiago de Chile because the pineapple bits give it a nice sweetness and slight tartness that balances out perfectly. The light batter is also fluffy, toothsome, and flavorful, making it a perfect option as a dessert or afternoon snack.

How do I make these snacks?

If you’re looking to elevate your snack game in Chile, these delicious treats are definitely worth trying out! From Chilean flatbreads to salty chirimenos, these snacks will have you hooked.


Chilean flatbreads are a delicious way to enjoy some local flavor without having to compromise on taste. Made with wheat flour, water and salt, these sandwiches will leave you feeling satisfied without being heavy. Try filling them with grilled onions and avocado, or peanut butter and honeycomb for a sweet treat.


Looking for something salty? Chilean chirimenos will do the trick! These little rolls are made from rice flour and vegetable oil and are then deep-fried until they puff up and turn golden brown. They’re perfect as a snack or appetizer and can be filled with anything from chicken liver pâté to shrimp tempura.

Galletas de Maíz:

If you’re into savory snacks, try Chilean galletas de maíz. These cookies are made from ground corn flour, sugar, baking powder and salt – all of which give them their incredible flavor. Similar to American donuts, galletas de maíz can be served plain or dipped in flavored pastes such as dulce de leche or chocolate sauce.

Where can I find these snacks?

Chile is a land of great gastronomic diversity, with dishes from all over the world well represented on restaurant menus. If you’re looking for snacks that will take your game up a notch, try some of these delicious treats!

Txangurro: A cross between a pork hotdog and a french fry, the txangurro is one of Chile’s best-known snacks. You can find them at most street vendors and ‎iniryas around the country.

Pipián: Another popular street snack, the pipián is a savory pastry made out of boiled potatoes and onions simmered in vinegar until they form a thick paste. It’s usually served cold as an appetizer or snack.

Jalea de mariscos: A seafood soup traditionally served cold or at room temperature, jalea de mariscos is one of Chile’s most popular dishes. It can be made with almost any type of seafood – from shrimp to clams – and contains lots of fresh herbs and spices.

Queso fundido: The national cheese dish of Chile, queso fundido is a melted cheese sandwich that can be served hot or cold. It’s usually dipped in chilies or acidic sauces to add flavor and spice.

What are the nutritional benefits of these snacks?

In Chile, snacks are a big part of most people’s day. Whether they’re having a quick bite between classes or snacking on something while working, Chilean snacks always have something delicious and satisfying to offer. Here are five of our favorite snacks in Chile:

1. Churros: Churros are another popular snack in Chile. They’re made from dough that is deep-fried and then covered in sugar syrup (or bananas!) They’re traditionally served with hot chocolate, but you can also enjoy them straight up!

2. Taquitos de Queso: These little taquitos are stuffed with cheese and rolled up tightly. They’re perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce, and they always taste indulgent and delicious!

3. Arequipeño Empanadas: Empanadas are a classic Argentinean snack, and they’re perfect for chileans who love savory food! Arequipeños (literally meaning “from ArequIPE”) empanadas are filled with ground beef, vegetables, and eggs, and they’re usually served either sweet or salty.

4. Cachapas: Cachapas are another classic Chilean snack. They’re basically oatmeal cookies that have been pounded into thicknesses ranging from thin to thick—and they all taste amazing! You can dunk them in your favorite milk or coffee beverage, or eat them plain as is.

5. Manzana Frita : Manzana Frita is another popular Chilean snack. It’s literally just a slice of fruit that’s been deep-fried and then covered in sugar syrup or frosting. Manzana Frita is a great way to refuel yourself during the day, and it’s always a delicious and indulgent snack!


Chile is known for its amazing wines, but what many people don’t know is that the country has some of the best snacks in the world. From chocolates to beef jerky, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from when packing your snack bag on your travels to Chile.Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or something salty and savory, these snacks will have you covered.