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When it comes to travelling, there is nothing quite like a luxurious first class experience. You revel in having to do the most with your time as you can get a ‘top shelf’ treatment on every level. We’ve got some exciting news of an airline that wants to capitalize on Dubai as the ultimate destination and offers luxury first class flights – Flydubai! Find out more in this article about the company and their expansion.

Flydubai Expands Operations In Luxury First Class

In recent years, Dubai’s premium airline, Flydubai, has been expanding its operations in luxury first class. The carrier now offers service to 11 global destinations in this category, including Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.
The airline’s top-of-the-line product consists of a choice of 54 airbeds arranged in 10 suites with each one equipped with a personal safe, mini bar and living area. Indeed, the amenities on offer in first class are certainly unmatched by any other airline.
Flydubai is also planning to launch a new product entitled Prestige Class that will see the introduction of additional amenities such as an an executive lounge, dedicated check-in counter and private bathtub for each suite.

With its ever-growing list of luxury first class destinations, Flydubai is quickly becoming the go-to airline for those looking for a truly special travel experience.

Types of Flights

Flydubai offers a variety of types of flights to choose from, whether you’re looking to get away for a weekend or longer itinerary. Located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Flydubai offers some of the most luxurious and exclusive air travel in the world.

Whether you’re seeking adventure and want to fly to exotic locations such as Oman or Dubai to explore the back streets on a budget trip or just want to experience an unrivaled level of service, FlyDubai has something for everyone. With flights departing from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, there’s a flight for everyone.

One way flights are perfect for those looking for an affordable escape with plenty of flexibility – no matter what your travel itch is! You can depart from almost anywhere in the world and arrive at one of FlyDubai’s many destinations with only a few connections.

Take a look at our different types of flights below:
-Domestic Flights: FlyDubai operates multiple direct flights daily from cities all over North America including New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Our connections in many cases make flying domestically very efficient.Economy class tickets start at just

How Much Does It Cost?

Dubai-based carrier Flydubai is expanding its operation in luxury first class, with the addition of a new aircraft. Offering up to 12 business class seats and six first class seats, Flydubai’s First Class suite offers “extraordinary comfort and unparalleled luxury,” according to the airline. The cost for a one-way ticket in First Class is Dh1,950.

Which Address to Send Payment to?

If you’re considering flying with Flydubai, it is worth noting that the airline operates in three classes: Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class.

When sending payment to Flydubai, please use the following address: [email protected]. This will ensure that your payment is processed promptly and without error.