Kullu | Himachal Pradesh | India


Kullu | Himachal Pradesh | India

Kullu is the beautiful and historical place of India, which is located in Himachal Pradesh near the bank of the Beas river and it is above 10 kilometers far from the airport at Bhuntar (6.9 K.M.), Gaggal Airport (85.4 K.M.), Shimla Airport (95.0 K.M.). Kullu is the open valley which is sandwiched between the Pir Panjal, Lower Himalayan and Great Himalayan Ranges. The name Kullu derives from the word “Kulant Peeth”, that means “end of the livable world”. As per legends, throughout the Great Flood, Manu visited this valley but was unable to cross the Rohtang pass. He named the last settlement he found as Kulant Peeth, and decide to settle and meditate in what has now become the city of Manali (Manu’s Place). The name further devolved into “Kulut”, as the kingdom was known for a long time; before finally being known by the current name of Kullu or Kulu.

Telephone Code: 01902
Currency: INR

Historical Place for Visit:
• Tirthan Valley
• Kheer Ganga
• Hot Springs at Manikaran
• Bijli Mahadev Temple
• Great Himalayan National Park
• Vaishno Devi Temple
• Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara
• Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery
• Hanogi Mata Temple
• Jagatipatt Temple
• Chandrakhani Pass
• Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery
• Raghunathjee Temple
• Gauri Shankar Temple
• Jagannath Temple at Bhekhli
• Kulant Pith
• Lord Ramchandra Temple
• Jagannathi Devi Temple
• Sharvali Devi Temple

Delicious Foods in Kullu:
Mostly continental food eats by many of people who come from another country and many of people pursuing their occupation in that field, but when the question arise for eat Indian food then the best that is prepared by the Indian restaurant and they serve Chapatti with delicious Dals, Vegetable Gravy and Curd. Some other food is also famous in Kullu like Chole Bhature, Puri Sabzi, Patrol, Vada, State, Kodra Roti, Jatu (Red Rice) and more and another thing is that Kullu is known as the freshest environment so the fruits which produce here they all are fresh and we see the finest variety of foods here.

Shopping Places:
Trip become imperfect without shopping and Kullu is the historical place of Indian so the people of other country wants to choose unique things which become precious for the special trip. In Kullu there are so many varieties in handicraft and textile products for the visitor and these products looks adorable and its design attracts the tourist:
• Akhara Bazaar
• Tibetan Bazaar
• Bhutto And Humbucker
• Sultanpur Market more are the famous market in Kullu for the shopping.

Adventure Places:
If we plan a trip then we also want some special things which we never do in our life, and when the skull becomes your trip place then it’s the amazing way to face your fear. There are lots of adventure which feel man special and becomes your trip memorable. Two most adventure is:
• Paragliding at Hamta
• Adventure Day Out at Solang Valley in Manali
which helps you to face your fear from height and you need physical balance as the well mental strength for doing that adventure.


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