Reasons You Should Consider Maldives As Your Summer Vacation Destination

The summer months are here, and it’s time to think about what you want to be doing while all your friends are vacationing at other tropical destinations. If the concept of spending a few weeks of vacation reading, socializing, and sunning yourself sounds appealing to you, then consider taking a trip to Maldives. You might just find that this amazing island has turned into your favorite getaway destination.

Where is Maldives?

Maldives is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean south of India. The country consists of more than 600 islands spread over a area of about 234 square miles. The capital and most populous city is Malé. The Maldives is an unspoiled paradise with crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, lush jungle trails and friendly people.
Here are five reasons why you should consider visiting the Maldives this summer:

+ Maldives has some of the best surfable waves in the world. You can find world-class breaks at both luxury resorts and budget options alike.

+ The average temperature in Male is around 26 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for all sorts of activities – from swimming to diving – throughout the year.

+ If you’re looking for a quiet destination where you can relax, the Maldives has that too. Its largely uninhabited islands offer plenty of peace and tranquility for those who want to get away from it all.

+ Malé International Airport is located only 30 minutes from the city center, making it easy to get around. And with plenty of restaurants, shopping spots, nightlife options.

What Are The Benefits of a Visit to Maldives?

There are myriad reasons why a vacation to the Maldives is a great idea.

1. Sunny beaches and crystal clear waters – Maldives’ hallmark is its vast collection of stunningly clear and sparkling beaches. From white sand beaches near Male to coconut palms on sandy islands in the North Malé Atoll, there is definitely something for everyone. And with temperatures hovering around the 82 degrees Fahrenheit ideal range, beach days will never be too hot or too cold.
2. Cultural treasures and marine wildlife – One of the Maldives’ most famous features is its complicated historical culture that has been preserved for centuries. From Buddhist monasteries and ancient Hindu temples to peaceful resorts nestling on coral atolls, visitors will find plenty to see and do while in the Maldives. And unlike many other tourism destinations, which often feature “big ticket” attractions such as Theme Parks or Universal Studios, the Maldives boasts an impressive array of marine wildlife including dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles. Guests can take thrilling guided boat tours ashore to view these creatures up close.

Summer Vacation Hotels in Maldives

1. Maldives is a beautiful and pristine island nation tucked away in the Indian Ocean.
2. The ultra-luxurious resorts offer an escape from the everyday, allowing guests to enjoy some relaxation, blissful solitude and crystal clear waters – all with views of the mesmerizing countrysides and breathtaking sunsets.
3. You can perfectly plan your own Maldives adventure without having to worry about jet lag or travel arrangements, as all resorts are located near each other on various tiny islands.
4. All-inclusive resorts will provide everything you need for a perfect vacation: from luxurious accommodations to delicious cuisine and world-class amenities.
5. And lastly, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Maldives vacations: whether you’re looking for an untouched paradise for nature lovers, an intimate getaway for couples or a lively beach party spot for young adults, you’re sure to find the perfect resort that meets your needs – and more!

Popular City Destinations and Activities

4. Maldives is not only a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit, but the people and culture are rich and welcoming. The islands have many attractions for tourists, such as the gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, unspoiled coral reefs, and lavish resorts.

4. Maldives is renowned for its so-called luxury marine resorts, where you can enjoy spectacular diving, snorkeling and fishing opportunities while relaxing on white sand beaches under the tropical sun.

2. Maldives also has many other great attractions to offer tourists of all levels of interest and expertise. There are plenty of relatively easy hikes that lead to stunning waterfalls and beautiful rested spots flanked by peaceful sandy bays.

1. If you’re looking for a healthy vacation, Maldives is a great choice – there are no major cravings for junk food or excessive drinking here like in some other popular destinations. In addition to being an excellent physical destination, Maldives offers spa services and treatments that make it an ideal place to relax mentally and spiritually as well.

Hen Do Ideas

1. Maldives offers a comfortable, refreshing climate all year round.
2. Maldives is an idyllic destination for honeymoons and weddings.
3. The islands offer so many activities to keep you busy, such as diving and snorkeling.
4. The cuisine in the Maldives is absolutely delicious, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
5. The locals are warm, welcoming and exceedingly hospitable – perfect hosts for a relaxing vacation!