Stay Connected for Less with Lycamobile Poland’s International and National Plans

Are you tired of overspending on your phone bills? Do you wish to stay connected with your loved ones without breaking the bank? Look no further than Lycamobile Poland! With our affordable and flexible international and national plans, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication with anyone, anywhere. Say goodbye to hidden fees and exorbitant charges – join us today and discover a world of cost-effective connectivity!

Introduction to Lycamobile Poland

If you’re traveling to Poland, Lycamobile has some great international and national plans to keep you connected. With Lycamobile Poland, you can get unlimited minutes and texts to any country in the EU, as well as low-cost rates for calls and texts within Poland. And with our new Data Passport feature, you can use your data allowance in any EU country without roaming charges. So whether you’re making calls home or staying connected with friends while you’re on the go, Lycamobile has you covered.

Benefits of Lycamobile Poland’s Prepaid SIM Card

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable prepaid SIM card in Poland, Lycamobile is a great option. With Lycamobile, you can enjoy low rates on international and national calls and texts, as well as data. Plus, with Lycamobile’s prepaid SIM card, there are no contracts or monthly fees – you simply pay for what you use. And if you run out of credit, you can easily top up online or at any Lycamobile store.

Here are some of the other benefits of Lycamobile Poland’s prepaid SIM card:

-Affordable rates: Lycamobile offers some of the most competitive rates on international and national calls and texts.

-Great coverage: Lycamobile has excellent coverage in Poland, so you’ll be able to stay connected even in rural areas.

-No contracts or monthly fees: With a Lycamobile prepaid SIM card, there are no hidden costs – you only pay for what you use.

-Easy to top up: If you run out of credit, it’s easy to top up online or at any Lycamobile store.

Different International and National Plans available

There are a variety of international and national plans available through Lycamobile Poland. Each plan is designed to fit the needs of a particular customer base, whether it be for business or personal use. The plans vary in terms of minutes, texts, and data allowance, as well as price.

The most basic plan offered by Lycamobile Poland is the National Plan S, which includes 500 minutes, 5000 texts, and 1 GB of data for just 5 zl per month. This plan is perfect for those who don’t need a lot of minutes or data but still want to be able to stay connected with friends and family.

For those who need more minutes and texts, there is the National Plan M, which offers 1000 minutes, 10 000 texts, and 2 GB of data for 9 zl per month. This plan is ideal for customers who use their phones on a daily basis but don’t require a large amount of data.

For customers who need more data than what is offered in the National Plan M, there is the National Plan L. This plan offers 2000 minutes, 20 000 texts, and 5 GB of data for 14 zl per month. This plan is perfect for those who use their phone heavily for emailing, browsing the internet, and streaming music or videos.

Lycamobile Poland also offers an International Plan that provides 250 minutes to call to 50 different countries around the world (including Poland), 5000 texts, and 2 GB of

Features of the Plans

Lycamobile Poland has several international and national plans that offer great value for money. Here are some of the features of these plans:

-Unlimited calls to Polish landlines and mobiles
-Free calls to Lycamobile customers worldwide
-500MB of data per month
-£5 a month for the first 3 months, then £10 a month thereafter
For more information on these plans, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

Recharge Options for Plans

Lycamobile Poland offers a variety of prepaid plans with different recharge options to fit your needs. You can choose to recharge your plan online, through our app, or by visiting one of our authorized retailers.

If you choose to recharge online, you can do so by credit/debit card, PayPal, or through a bank transfer. Simply select your plan and enter your payment information to get started.

Our app is available for both Android and iOS devices and makes it easy to recharge your account on the go. Simply open the app, select your desired recharge amount, and enter your payment information.

You can also visit one of our authorized retailers to purchase a Lycamobile Poland recharge voucher. These vouchers can be used to add credit to your account and are available in a variety of denominations.

How to Activate your Lycamobile Sim Card?

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, or if you’re already there, you’ll want to stay connected with Lycamobile’s international and national plans. Here’s how to activate your Lycamobile SIM card so you can start using it:

1. Insert your Lycamobile SIM card into your phone.

2. Turn on your phone.

3. You should see a message saying “Lycamobile” and a validation code. Enter the validation code when prompted.

4. That’s it! Your Lycamobile SIM card is now activated and you can start using it.

Tips to Save Money with Lycamobile Poland

1. Look for special offers and deals: Check the website and social media channels regularly for special offers.

2. Recharge online: Recharging your Lycamobile Poland account is quick and easy to do online.

3. Use auto-recharge: Make sure you always have enough credit by setting up auto-recharge on your account.

4. Refer a friend: Get even more value for money by referring friends to join Lycamobile Poland.


Lycamobile Poland’s international and national plans are an excellent option for staying connected no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re looking for a data only plan or something that offers both calls and data, there is sure to be something that meets your needs. With reasonable prices, incredibly fast speeds and great customer service, what more could you ask for? Make sure to check out their selection of plans today!