The Best Photo Ops at Amsterdam’s Light Festival: Insider Tips from a Local

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam during the winter months, make sure to include the Light Festival in your itinerary. This annual event illuminates the city’s canals and buildings with stunning light installations that are perfect for capturing beautiful photos. As a local, I’ve scoped out some of the best photo ops around town and have insider tips on how to capture those Instagram-worthy shots. Let me guide you through Amsterdam’s Light Festival for an unforgettable visual experience!

What is the Light Festival?

The Light Festival is a yearly event that celebrates art, light, and creativity in the Netherlands. The festival runs from November 9-18 and features concerts, exhibitions, and outdoor lighting displays in various locations across the city.

To get the most out of the Light Festival, here are some insider tips from a local:

1. Do some research ahead of time to find out where the best displays are located. There are many amazing light shows scattered throughout Amsterdam, so it’s worth checking out different areas during your visit.

2. Grab a buddy to take photos together during the Light Festival! This is a great opportunity to capture memories together and share them with friends afterwards.

3. If you’re looking for something special to do while in Amsterdam during the Light Festival, be sure to check out the Amsterdams Museum Nightlife – there are always loads of fun events taking place during this time period!

How to Get the Best Photo Ops at the Light Festival

If you’re looking for the best photo ops at Amsterdam’s Light Festival, here are some insider tips from a local.

1. Get there early! The crowd gets bigger and more overwhelming as the day goes on.
2. Bring your own light show! This is especially helpful if you want to take photos of yourself with different light displays in the background.
3. Try to find natural spots to take photos: overhead bridges, canals, and along pedestrian streets are all good options.
4. Beware of selfie sticks! They can be a hazard both for crowds and photographers themselves – stay away if possible!

The Best Locations for Photo Ops at the Light Festival

Amsterdam’s Light Festival is unique in that it celebrates light in all its forms. Whether it be an amazing light display on the canals, colorful lighting displays in historic districts, or a beautiful glow atop the Rembrandtplein, there are plenty of photo ops to be had at the festival. Here are four great locations for photo ops:

1. The Light Bridge: Spanning over the Amstel River, this bridge features some of the most incredible LED light displays ever created.
2. The Markthal: Amsterdam’s biggest and most popular shopping district is home to a number of colorful lighting displays throughout its streets and alleys.
3. The Devil’s Punchbowl: This picturesque spot overlooking the downtown canal is known for its awe-inspiring waterfalls and colorful lights.
4. Rembrandtplein: Atop this square stands one of Amsterdam’s most iconic buildings – the Rijksmuseum – and perched atop that building is a statue of Rembrandt, making this one of the best (and tallest) photo ops in town.
No matter which location you choose, make sure to bring your camera and explore all the incredible sights and sounds of the Amsterdam Light Festival!

What to Bring to a Photo Op at the Light Festival

The Light Festival in Amsterdam is a beautiful event that’s perfect for taking photos. Here are some insider tips from a local on what to bring to make the most of your photo opportunity!

1. A Camera: The Light Festival is a great opportunity to show off your photography skills and take some amazing shots. Bring your camera with you and try different settings to get the perfect shot.

2. A Hat or Scarf: If it’s warm out, bringing a hat or scarf can help keep you comfortable while you’re taking photos. And if it rains, no problem! Umbrellas are also available for purchase at the festival grounds.

3. Comfortable Shoes: The Light Festival is a long day and walking around can be tiring – be sure to bring comfortable shoes so you can stick around for as long as possible!

4. Patches of Color: If you’re looking for some great background fodder for your photos, look for areas with patches of color in them – these will add an extra layer of interest.


If you’re planning on taking some amazing photos during Amsterdam’s Light Festival this year, don’t forget to check out our list of insider tips from a local. By following these tips, you’ll be able to take stunning photos that will make your friends and family proud. Ready to get started? Let us know in the comments below!