The Ultimate European Road Trip: Must-See Stops Along the Way

If you’re wondering where to go on your next vacation, look no further than the ultimate European Road Trip! This incredible journey will take you through some of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring destinations. From historical monuments, stunning beaches, and charming villages, this road trip has something to offer everyone. Read on to find out which must-see stops you should include in your itinerary!


Whether you’re looking to explore the storied capitals of Western Europe or venture off the beaten path to see some of the Continent’s lesser-known gems, a road trip is the perfect way to see all that Europe has to offer. And with so many varied countries and attractions to choose from, planning the ultimate European road trip can be daunting. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the must-see stops along the way.

Planning the Road Trip

Before setting out on any road trip, it’s important to have a plan. This is especially true for a road trip through Europe, which can be daunting given the sheer number of things to see and do. To help you plan your own European road trip, we’ve put together a list of must-see stops along the way.

Start by mapping out your route. You’ll want to consider what cities or countries you want to visit, and how long you want to spend in each one. Then, start thinking about which specific attractions you want to see in each place. Once you have a rough itinerary planned out, you can start booking accommodation and transportation.

Next, start researching the best things to do in each stop on your road trip. Look up popular tourist attractions as well as hidden gems that only locals know about. Make sure to also check out reviews and recommendations from other travelers. With all of this information in hand, you can start planning your perfect European road trip!

Must-See Cities for Your European Road Trip

There are so many incredible cities to see in Europe, it can be hard to narrow down your options. But if you’re planning a road trip, these are some of the must-see cities along the way.

Paris: Of course, Paris is a must-see city for any European trip. The City of Light is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral. There’s also an endless array of museums, art galleries, and boutiques to explore.

Rome: Rome is another can’t-miss city on a European road trip. This historic city is filled with ancient ruins like the Colosseum and the Vatican, as well as baroque churches and fountains. And don’t forget to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine while you’re here!

Vienna: Vienna is a romantic city known for its classical music and grandiose architecture. Stroll through parks like Prater or Belvedere Palace, or spend an afternoon at one of Vienna’s many museums or art galleries.

Attractions and Activities to Include on Your Itinerary

As you plan your perfect European road trip, be sure to include some of these must-see attractions and activities. From the beaches of Croatia to the canals of Venice, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the top attractions and activities to include on your itinerary are:

• Relaxing on the beach in Croatia
• Exploring the canals of Venice
• Taking in the sights of Rome
• Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
• Seeing the Black Forest in Germany
• Driving through Switzerland’s scenic Alps

Accommodation Tips for Travelers

If you’re planning a road trip through Europe, you’ll want to make sure you have all your accommodation sorted in advance. Here are some top tips for finding the perfect place to stay:

1. Use online booking platforms: There are lots of great online booking platforms that can help you find accommodation to suit your budget and preferences.

2. Read reviews: Before booking anywhere, be sure to read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of what to expect.

3. Search for discounts: Many accommodation providers offer discounts if you book in advance or during off-peak times.

4. Consider your location: When selecting accommodation, think about its proximity to the attractions and activities you want to do. You don’t want to waste time travelling long distances each day.

Food Recommendations from Locals in Each City

In each city you’ll visit on your road trip, be sure to ask the locals for their food recommendations. They’ll be able to tell you about all the best hidden gem restaurants that serve up traditional dishes from their region. Here are some of the must-try regional specialties from across Europe:

In Spain, be sure to try paella – a rice dish cooked with seafood or meat and vegetables. In Portugal, try the national dish of bacalhau – salt cod served with potatoes and greens. In Italy, you can’t go wrong with any of the delicious pasta dishes on offer. And in Greece, be sure to sample some traditional gyros – lamb or chicken wrapped in pita bread with salad and tzatziki sauce.

Wherever you go on your European road trip, make sure to try out some of the local cuisine – it’s one of the best ways to truly experience the culture of a place!

Budgeting for a European Road Trip

Budgeting for a European road trip can be tricky, but it’s definitely doable! Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Plan ahead and research your route. This will help you estimate how much gasoline or diesel you’ll need and give you a better idea of where to find the best prices.

2. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses on any trip, so try to find ways to save here. Couchsurfing or camping are great options if you’re on a tight budget.

3.Food can also be a big expense, but there are ways to save here as well. Self-catering is always cheaper than eating out, and it’s easy to find healthy and affordable food options at local markets.

4. Entertainment costs can quickly add up, so again, try to find free or cheap activities wherever possible. Walking tours, visiting local parks, and people-watching are all great (and free!) ways to enjoy your surroundings.

5 . Finally, remember that a little bit of planning can go a long way in helping you stick to your budget. With careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can definitely enjoy an amazing European road trip without breaking the bank!


Taking a European road trip is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can ever have. Whether you plan to visit for a couple of weeks or even months, there are so many amazing places to explore and memories that will last a lifetime. From awe-inspiring monuments in Rome to delicious dishes in Spain, there’s no shortage of incredible sites and attractions as you journey through Europe’s vibrant cities and stunning countryside. Put your adventure hat on, fill up the car with petrol, and set off—you won’t be disappointed!