7 traditional British dishes you need to try

Not all countries have the same food culture – for some reason, some dishes are just more popular in certain places. In this blog article, we will introduce you to seven British dishes and tell you why they’re worth trying!

Cottage Pie

This dish is classic British comfort food and perfect for a cold night. It is made with minced lamb, potatoes, and onion that are slowly cooked in a cream sauce. This dish can be modified to your liking by using different vegetables or meat.

Carrot & Cardamom Soup

If you’re looking for a delicious and culturally rich British dish, look no further than the humble carrot. Here are seven of the best examples of carrot dishes to try:

1. Carrot and Parsnip Soup – This easy and comforting soup is perfect for wintertime. simmered with fresh herbs, it’s packed with flavor.
2. Carrot Cake – A classic British dessert that’s delicious and easy to make. Top with cream or sugar, and enjoy!
3. Carrot Curry – A vegetarian favorite, this curry is spicy and fragrant. Perfect for a winter night dinner.
4. Steamed Carrots with Ginger – Dressed in a ginger-y glaze, these carrots are a delight to eat plain or tucked into a rice bowl or tortilla wrap.
5. Carrot Cake Pudding – A lactose-free twist on the classic cake pudding, made with carrots instead of milk or eggs. Delicious and decadent!
6. Roast Carrots with Thyme – A simple but delicious way to enjoy carrots during fall or winter meals. Tender and flavorful, they’ll be gone in no time!
7. Peach Salad with Carrots and Radishes

Scotch Eggs

\nIf you’re ever in the UK, you must try Scotch Eggs. These are a delicious traditional British dish that date back to the 1600s. Scotch Eggs are made by boiling eggs then filling them with minced ham, cheese, and onions. They are then dipped in beaten egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried. They are sure to be a favorite!

Fast Roast Lamb Shoulder

If you love lamb, then you’ll want to try one of the seven traditional British dishes that we’ve included on this blog. All of these meals are easy to make and perfect for a special occasion.

1. Roast leg of lamb
This is a verysimple meal that can be served as a main course or a starter. You just need to season the lamb with spices and place it in a roasting pan. Then, roast it at a medium temperature until it’s cooked through.

2. Beef stroganoff
This is one of the most popular recipes on our blog. It’s simple to make and is perfect for any special occasion. The only ingredients are beef stroganoff sauce, pasta, and cream cheese. This dish can be prepared in under 20 minutes, so it’s perfect for busy nights.

3. Fish and chip shop classic
This is another fast and easy dish that you can prepare at home. Simply fry some fish fillets in olive oil until they’re golden brown and then serve them with some homemade chips. This recipe is great for any evening meal!

4. Lamb casserole
This is an old-fashioned dish that dates back to the Victorian era

The Most Delicious Bakewell Tart Evah!

There are so many reasons why you should make a British bakewell tart for your next party or get together. First of all, they’re delicious. And second, they’re really easy to put together. So whether you’re a baker or not, you should definitely give this classic dish a try. Here are seven delicious recipes for the perfect British bakewell tart:

1. Classic Bakewell Tart from The Pioneer Woman
2. Chocolate Filled Bakewell Tart from Peas and Crayons
3. Blueberry Bakewell Tart from Kalyn’s Kitchen
4. Strawberry Rhubarb Bakewell Tart from Weekend Potluck Recipes
5. Brussels Sprout & Caramelized Onion Bakewell Tart from Fork and Beans
6. Cranberry Orange Butter Cake with a Baked Apple Tart Crust from Food Faith Fitness
7. Soft & Chewy Sour Cream Apple Pie Crisps with a Baked Custard Base from A Sweet Life

Autumn Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing

If you’re looking for a hearty, yet delicious Thanksgiving feast, knock yourself out and make the traditional British dish of roast turkey with chestnut stuffing. This dish is perfect for a big group, as it can be made in plenty of time and will serve lots of people successfully. Rather than fearing the typical flour-dish stuffing made with breadcrumbs and butter, try this version made with roasted chestnuts, which give it a wonderful sweetness and depth of flavor. Plus, the addition of cranberry sauce gives it a lovely tartness that really takes it to another level. If you’re looking to impress your guests this year, give roast turkey with chestnut stuffing a try – you won’t regret it!

Lemon Meringue Pie

If you’re ever in the UK, you should definitely try a lemon meringue pie! Aside from being unbelievably delicious, it’s also classic British fare that you really can’t go wrong with. If you’re feeling brave, top it with whipped cream or ice cream for an extra yummy treat.