Top 12 Best Christmas Shopping Towns in the UK

In this article, the twelve best places with high-end retailers and houses of luxury after Christmas will be revealed to allow you to choose where in the UK you’d like to spend your Christmas shopping!

Things to do during the Christmas Season

Christmas is a time where families come together, exchange gifts, and enjoy each other’s company. Towns all over the UK capitalize on this holiday season by putting on festive events and activities for visitors and residents. Here are the top 12 Christmas shopping towns in the UK!

– Birmingham
– Cardiff
– Nottingham
– Southampton
– Cambridge

Top 12 Best Christmas Shopping Towns in the UK

Funky Christmas gifts can be found all over the UK, so it’s no wonder that these towns come out on top as the best places to find them! Whether you’re looking for unique home accessories, festive clothes or delicious food, these 12 towns have got you covered. So whether you’re planning to hit up one of these towns during the big day or just yearn to get a little closer to Christmas cheer, read on for our top 12 picks!

1. Bristol – This city has something for everyone when it comes to Christmas shopping, with plenty of boutiques, department stores and markets boasting delightful merchandise.

2. Liverpool – Liverpudlians are certainly no strangers to giving stylish and thoughtful gifts, which is why this town comes in second on our list. From jewellery and clothing to books and kitchen gadgets, there’s something for everyone in Liverpool!

3. Belfast – If you’re after some unique Christmas gifts, then Belfast is definitely the place to go. With art galleries galore and funky independent stores catering for all tastes and budgets, there’s sure to be something special here for everyone on your list!

4. Norwich – For those who love organic food and interesting local products

When it comes to holiday shopping, why not take your pick from among the many great options in the UK? From quaint towns with historic centres to large metropolitan areas with sprawling malls, here are 12 top Christmas shopping towns in the UK!

1. Oxford – Home to some of England’s most venerable universities and world-renowned museums, Oxford is a city steeped in history. But don’t worry – Oxford isn’t all about academia. The city centre is filled with bustling shops and boutiques, making it the ideal spot to put together a Christmastime gift list.

2. Cambridge – A student town and hometown of legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton, Cambridge is full of historical sites and lively neighbourhoods. If you’re looking for something special on your holiday shopping list, consider visiting one of Cambridge’s many esteemed bookstores.

3. Portsmouth – Located in the heart of scenic Hampshire County, Portsmouth boasts more than just charming neighbourhoods – the city centre is packed with opulent shopping opportunities, including high-end boutiques, stylish department stores, and luxury merchants.

Santa’s Grotto, Candy Cane Lane, St Nicholas Square

One of the best things about being a Christmas shopper is hitting the town on festive day and indulging in all the festive treats and goodies that town has to offer. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for someone special, or treating yourself to something sweet, these are the top 12 best Christmas shopping towns in the UK.

1. Santa’s Grotto, Cardiff – This charming little store is home to one of the biggest collections of Christmas goodies in Wales and it’s also home to a jolly elf who will be happy to help you find everything from stocking stuffers to big-ticket items.

2. Candy Cane Lane, York – This pretty little street is home to some of the most exclusive boutiques around, all of which are perfect places to score your favourite Christmas gifts. From jewelers to florists, there’s something for everyone on this charming street.

3. St Nicholas Square, Edinburgh – This bustling mall is a great place to find everything from traditional gifts like hams and cookies, to more challenging items like whisky rocks and rolling pins. There’s something for everyone on this festive shopping list!