Australia | Oceania


Australia | Oceania

One of the developed countries of the world being the 12th largest economy of the world and also the world’s 6th largest country by area. We are talking about Australia or Commonwealth of Australia (official name). Australia is one such country that ranks high in many of the international matters such as Economy, Education, health and rights to citizens as well.

The flag of Australia seems out to be very similar to that of United Kingdom i.e. Union Jack. But actually the flag of Australia is a revamped Union jack. It means that it has a whole blue appearance along with the presence of Union Jack in the upper left quarter and 6 large white stars which are seven-pointed. These stars are known as the Commonwealth stars and are present in remaining lower quarter. This flag was adopted by Australia on September 3, 1901.

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For all those travellers who are here reading this blog post before visiting the Country, I would like to bring into their kind notice that do not let yourselves get lost in the Country. But always remain fully occupied with all the telephonic and dialing codes information on your minds. Dialing code of Australia is +61. The major cities of this country includes-Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. And the major states includes names such as Victoria, Tasmania, New south-wales, Queensland and a couple of others. But the capital of Australia is Canberra. This is a city which is located in Northern end of Australia and also named as “Bush Capital”.

One of the most important information about any of the country which should always be in the mind of travellers is the knowledge of Currency of that particular country. Currency of Australia is Australian Dollar (AUD). Australia is not one such Country which is known for its climatic Conditions. Australia is a continent which is mostly ruled by hot airs. This continues to move towards North and South depending upon seasons. This is why Rainfall in Australia is much seasonal. This means that Climatic conditions of Australia are not so pleasing.

Well the climatic conditions might not have pleased you much but if you are a foodie who loves to travel, then you can surely have a very unique experience here in this country. Lots of Australian foods are worth eating. Some of the proposed food items for the travellers are Lamington, Iced VoVo, Pea n ham soups, Macadamia nuts, Barbecued snags, Pavlova, Prawn Cocktail and much more of them. These all food items can suddenly and certainly curb your exhaustive routine or journey and take your stomach to a much peaceful state.

If you are one of those persons who loves to get involved and to know different cultures and traditions of different parts of this Globe. Then Australia is certainly the place for you. Australian Culture is believed to be one of the oldest surviving culture in the world. Culture is definitely the “Western Culture” basically derived from United Kingdom but it also possesses some of the Unique Australian subcontinent traditions.

Australia is one of those limited countries of the world which have seas as there major attraction for the tourists. And the reason behind this is that this country is surrounded by 3 oceans namely Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. And it therefore has 4 seas namely the Arafura Sea, Timor Sea, Tasman Sea and Coral Sea. It also possesses number of Gulfs and Straits. This is why Australia is famous for its water bodies.

So, for you newbie travellers Australia is definitely one of those countries which needs to be drawn into your bucket lists.


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