Deepansh Parashar

I am a crispy and a succinct kind of a guy who loves to write in my leisure hours and share my thoughts with the people who are always active in their world. I invite suggestions and ideas every time, so feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I believe that life is too short to make your all the dreams come true so don’t just go on dreaming but start working for your dreams.

India | Asia


The Country Famous for Great Himalayan peaks, scenic Landscapes, Kashmir, Culture, Weddings, Different dances, Taj Mahal, Himachal Pradesh etc followed by a big list. Hey Readers, I guess by now you must have guessed the country name. This is India, Land of Gods and Goddesses, stretched from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Rajasthan to Arunachal …

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Dubai | United Arab Emirates


One of the famous attractions of the world. City having the largest population in United Arab Emirates and the one located on the Persian Gulf. This is the city which is the attraction of most of the business officials of the world nowadays. Readers I think you have guessed it right. This is Dubai which …

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Bangkok | Thailand


The city with the population of more than 8 million and acquiring more than 12.6 percent of population of Thailand. This is the city named as Bangkok. One of the biggest Tourist spot in this world. It has been declared as World’s Best City for four Consecutive years and also the most Visited city according …

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Paris | France


One of the most populous, Historic, stylish and the artistic cities of the world and this is none other than Paris. It is the capital of France and is situated on the river Seine basically in Northern France. This stylish city of France was discovered in third century BC by a particular community of people …

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Australia | Oceania


One of the developed countries of the world being the 12th largest economy of the world and also the world’s 6th largest country by area. We are talking about Australia or Commonwealth of Australia (official name). Australia is one such country that ranks high in many of the international matters such as Economy, Education, health …

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