Get Up and Go Kayaking

Crystal Clear Kayaks in Crystal Clear Water

Get Up and Go Kayaking

Just imagine, kayaking in crystal clear water, when you can see every movement happening in the water from your kayak. While sitting in your kayak, you can see fish roaming around in the water from its floor. Isn’t look amazing.

Get Up and Go Kayaking team offer three types of tour packages in Central Florida. The three tours are:

  1. Rock Springs – This tour offers you a ride of approx 2 – 2.5 hours and the location for it is Apopka, Florida. You may get a chance to see birds, turtles, fish, deer, otters, alligators, and more. It will cost you $49 + tax per person.
  2. Winter Park / Sunset – This tour will take you through Venetian style canals and leads to a beautiful lake in Winter Park. As this ride is in the lake you might not see crystal clear water, but you can see a stunning sunset. You will see plenty of wildlife, birds, and fish. Apart from that, there are extravagant houses nestled adjacent to the lake. The tour will last for 2 hours approx and will cost you $45 + tax per person.
  3. Bioluminescent – This is amazing among the three. Imagine kayaking in glowing water! Well… The emission of light by living organisms is Bioluminescence. As the creatures move in the water, their movement brings a beautiful glowing effect.

This tour takes place in Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge outside of Titusville, Florida. You can experience it on the dark nights of June till October month. It will cost you $60 + tax per person.

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