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Hong Kong

Hong Kong | China

Hong Kong is a city with spectacular skylines, wild night outs and appealing financial hub that will make you go awe in a single glance. It is infinitely fascinating and one is never going to get bored in this beautiful city. It can be easily termed as lively and energetic city because it has something for everyone because it is changing at a fast pace with the environment. The food is lip-smacking good in Hong Kong with noodles being on top of the list. The Hong Kong airport is one of the biggest hub airport in the world. It’s a vibrant city of eight million inhabitants.

A city that never sleeps is a perfect phrase for Hong Kong as it hosts large number of activities starting from monthly art shows hosted by various galleries to annual Rugby competition.

Food in Hong Kong is so heavenly that tourists come again and again just to fulfill their taste buds with the super delicious food. You can hog on to a bowl of noodles for the entire day. You can have an ideal Asian food without even worrying your pockets as it is pocket friendly. And if you are a lover of shopping then Hong Kong surely is a place to be. It provides to be the best luxurious shopping city and a total heaven for shopping lovers. Be it small shops or big malls, everything provides such amazing and unique stuff that you wouldn’t resist emptying your pocket.

There are various beautiful attractions in Hong Kong. The best part about these attractions is that not all attractions need entrance fee or huge amount of money. Few of its famous tourist attractions are:

Victoria harbor: Enjoy the most fascinating view of harbor along skyscrapers. You need not pay for it; yes this amazing view is free of cost. You also get to experience world’s largest sound and light show, “Symphony of lights”. This show starts at 8:00 pm every night, so plan your trip accordingly as the 360-degree spectacle of laser beams striking the skyscrapers on either side of the harbor is worth watching.
Hong Kong Museum of History: This museum will provide you with an amazing overview of its past. These are astonishing display relating to archaeology, natural history and social history.
Macau: It’s an easy trip from Hong Kong, and totally worth the hour long boat ride. It’s a fun place to enjoy night life in Hong Kong. Being the asia’s top gambling destination it surely is suppose to give you an amazing time with lively bars to cool restaurants.
Victoria Peak: An absolute Hong Kong must do. To get a stunning view of skyscrapers, bustling city, and surrounding islands you ought to visit it. You need to travel there by a tram that will take you at the top of this scenic viewpoint. This is a must see attraction in Hong Kong.
Wong Tai Sin Temple: The city also has a quiet side and is surrounded by many religious temples. Wong Tai Sin Temple being the newest temple in Hong Kong. There are several buildings in this temple that includes a Hall of Three Saints, a Good Wishes Garden also you will find several fortune tellers sitting in one of the halls.
Hong Kong Disneyland: The first themed park, located in Lantau Island. It consists of several themed park like Adventureland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Mystic point, Main Street, U.S.A and many more. Whenever planning about a trip to Hong Kong, one can never resist skipping Disneyland from the list of places to travel here. You feel like a kid again in this alluring place with hundreds of rides, Water Park and castles that gives you a feeling of your childhood days.
Tsim Sha Tsui: The best Entertainment and Shopping hub, located in southern of Kowloon. Tsim Sha Tsui is the finest district to know commerce and culture of Hong Kong. You can find amazing restaurants, boutiques and luxurious retailers in this very place. Also there is a very famous Cultural Centre and a museum of Art that attracts tourists a lot.
Repulse Bay and the Beaches: To feel luxury at its best one must visit this beach. Beach at Repulse Bay the most famous and lively beaches in the country. So get ready to get a little tan with the stunning sightseeing.
Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue): This place has a huge 34 meter high Buddha’s Statue at the top of Lantau Island’s. Plan to climb Lantau early in the morning to get the best view of surrounding sea, islands and the magical sun rise over the monastery.

A visit to Hong Kong includes embracing and stunning views of land, sea, and architecture, wonderful beaches and great hikes. Hong Kong is one of the most lively and awe-inspiring cities in the world, certainly, but there’s much more to the country that meets the eye.


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