Bandana Gautam

I am an Mba student, who loves to write in my spare time. Food and Travelling makes me happy like nothing else in life. I am a believer, dreamer and a reader. I am an enthusiast of wanderlust and want to die travelling. Feel free to contact me @ [email protected]. My only motto in life is Live, Laugh and Love…live it up!

Hong Kong | China

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with spectacular skylines, wild night outs and appealing financial hub that will make you go awe in a single glance. It is infinitely fascinating and one is never going to get bored in this beautiful city. It can be easily termed as lively and energetic city because it has something …

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Bali | Indonesia


Bali is an island in Indonesia. Bali has maintained its uniqueness and magic over decades now and is often termed as paradise on earth. The combination of friendly environment, a breathtaking landscape with splendid beaches made Bali a very well known tourist destination. International tourism is at boom in Bali because of the constant change …

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Spain | Europe


Spain, located in the Southwest Europe, is the fifth largest country in the world. From small towns to lively islands, Spain offers everything that a human could wish to enjoy on their holiday. A very diverse, highly developed, full of life and loyal country to live a wonderful life. It offers such beautiful landscapes that …

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Madrid | Spain


The 3rd country with most Heritage sites in world after Italy and China is Spain with over 44 recognized heritage sites. Madrid is the lively European capital, which is full of life and culture. Madrid offers world-class museums all at walking distance, a palace, lush green gardens and not to forget the delicious and finger …

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