Pune | Maharashtra | India


Pune | Maharashtra | India

Pune: A modern city with traditional touch
Pune is one of the most developed cities in India just 150 Km from Mumbai. The city is developed at the confluence of two beautiful rivers Mula and Mutha. It was the base of “Peshwas” of Maharashtra during Mughal period and British rule in India. It is also known as the “Cultural capital of Maharashtra”, “City of hills”, and “Oxford of the east”. National Defense Academy or NDA, the renowned military training school for the armed force officers is also based in Pune. Temples, educational institutions, historic forts, and due to various other reasons, Pune is one of the prime destinations for the tourists in Maharashtra.

How to reach Pune?
The Pune Airport is connected with all major cities in India, including Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata through regular flights. The airport is situated at Lohagaon, just outside the main city and only 18Kms away from the heart of the city.

Pune rail station is well-connected to all other major cities in India, and some high-speed trains commute from Pune to other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, etc. Buses are also available to and from Pune. The bus terminus in Pune is at Chinchwad.

Important information about Pune
Following information are important for the people planning to visit Pune:
Weather – Average temperature in Pune ranges from 17 degrees to 33 degrees centigrade. The city is quite hot in summer when the temperature rises up to 42 degrees. The winter and spring are quite pleasant here. From June to October, the place gets pretty good rainfall with an annual average of 725mm.
Location – It is located 560m above the sea level on the Deccan plateau. It is basically a hilly area where the highest hill, called the Veta hill is almost 800m high from the sea level.
Other info – It is the 9th most populated city in India. Its official language is Marathi, and it’s a municipality area in Maharashtra.

Famous destinations in Pune
Some of the most famous destinations in Pune are as follows:
• Aga Khan Palace – It was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. It is situated at Pune Nagar Road.
• Shaniwar Wada – It was the royal residence of Peshawar in Maharashtra. It is located near the convergence of Mula and Mutha rivers.
• Vetal Tekdi – The city is surrounded by many hills, and Vetal Tekdi or Vetal hill is one of them.
• Parvati Hill – This is another high (almost 700m) hill in Pune with a beautiful temple at the peak.
• Khadakwasla – It’s a popular dam on the Mutha river.
• National War Museum – This is built in memory of the army personnel who sacrificed their lives in different wars after independence.
• Osho Ashram – Established by Rajneesh it is a famous meditation center mostly visited by foreign tourists.

Besides, dozens of other places, including museums, gardens, temples, and forts could be visited in Pune.

Staying in Pune
Scores of 5-Star, 4-Star, 3-Star, and budget hotels are available in Pune. 5-Star hotels like Courtyard Marriott, Hotel Sun-n-sand, or the budget hotels like Meru, Ginger, Cozy Inn, etc. are quite famous among the tourists.


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