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Spain | Europe

Spain, located in the Southwest Europe, is the fifth largest country in the world. From small towns to lively islands, Spain offers everything that a human could wish to enjoy on their holiday. A very diverse, highly developed, full of life and loyal country to live a wonderful life. It offers such beautiful landscapes that awaken the soul. This country has a calm lifestyle, it is rich in art and culture and the nightlife, food and festivals make it an astonishing European country.

Well for Indians, Spain is no such a new country as we already have explored most of the part of Spain. Yes, we all have. Remember the Bollywood movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Yes the same movie where Hritik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar does spectacular adventures all around the country.

Daily life in Spain moves at a slow pace and runs till late. Spain is attractive, compulsive and energetic country, which can make anybody, fall in love with it. Providing people with lively, active and free spirited cities like Barcelona and Madrid with beautiful landscapes and culture.

The green capital Madrid has many medieval and historic building, which tells the tales of back in time. It also houses museums, sculptures and monuments. And the city has various beautiful parks and lush green gardens. Being a capital city of Spain, Madrid acts as the political, technological, economic and cultural center of Spain. Barcelona just like Madrid is famous for its late night parties and amazing historic streets. You’ll find a lot of history here in Spain, and it is named as the third country in world with most heritage sites. This is a country with music in its soul, a profound love for fine food and beautiful landscapes, and a artistic talent to celebrate all the wonderful things in life.

The best festival to witness in Spain is La Tomatina, held every year in month of August. In this festival, thousands of people gather in this small town and throw tons of tomatoes at each other. It is the most messy and fun festival held in Spain. Another major attraction for tourists is the bullring. Bullfight is held every year in month of March and October. It attracts lots of tourist as it host the largest bullring in whole Spain, Las Ventas that was established in 1929. Held in July in Pamplona, The bullfight attracts various foreign tourists, who love to watch and enjoy those wild bulls running after peoples. Both these festivities we have seen in the Bollywood movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

For people who love loud music and enjoy wild parties should surely travel to Ibiza. Ibiza is an island in Spain. It offers the best beach parties and the European DJ’s keep no stone unturned to make beaches a holy place for club lovers.

The mountains Pyrenees gives the most breathtaking view from above. Its covered with small villages, mountain walking tracks and skiing can be enjoyed with great zeal. The other mountain ranges in Spain are Sierra Nevada, which is a perfect hike point.

Guggenheim Museum in Biblao, is the world famous museum which has captivating exhibits of modern art. Though if you are not interested in museums one can go there just to admire the beauty of the building, which was created by Frank Gehry,

The Great Cathedral and Mosque with its giant arches, rich marble floors, affluent gilded prayer niches, and the awe-inspiring shrine of Byzantine mosaics take you back in time when Córdoba was under Muslim influence.

San Sebastián located in the center of the Basque area of Spain, this place has a remarkable beach and nightlife. Moreover, architecture makes it one of the most beautiful and unique cities in all of Spain.

The Spanish cuisines are combination of different dishes according to climate, culture and geography. The most delightful dish is sea food, the food that comes from the surrounding water bodies. Sports are heavenly enjoyed and played in Spain. There are two most affluent football clubs clubs in the world, “Real Madrid C.F” and “FC Barcelona”.

Transportation in Spain is marked by substantial network of Railways, Roads, buses, Metros, Air routes and ports. Though Spain has an amazing and fast railway system, but its quite expensive, so I would prefer you to travel via buses, which are equally pleasant but cheaper.

There’s something about Spain that attracts to everybody be it the inheritance of a melting pot of cultures or the site of numerous castles, palaces and dazzling islands which have often been used as a setting for many international film productions. Anytime is good to visit Spain as you will love it and will surely return home discovering new worlds, you can party till dawn in such a place as the sun always shines till late.

Spain offers the best possible surroundings in the entire world and it has taken itself a long history with itself, which has made it such a vibrant and colorful country in the world. Popularly known as the party hub, this country is a must visit once in a lifetime to party like there is no tomorrow.


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