Bangkok | Thailand


Bangkok | Thailand

The city with the population of more than 8 million and acquiring more than 12.6 percent of population of Thailand. This is the city named as Bangkok. One of the biggest Tourist spot in this world. It has been declared as World’s Best City for four Consecutive years and also the most Visited city according to Master Card Global Destinations. It is situated on the Banks of Chao Phraya River. The city gain so much of fame and importance due to its unique looking location on the bank of river. After this city started getting importance it spread its wings in the field of international market and trade. Even the western business people and merchants started to get involved in this city.

Travelling to Bangkok? It leaves you speechless then turns you into storyteller

For the people who are going to visit Thailand and don’t know much about the country details, the country of Thailand is also known as Kingdom of Thailand. Flag of Bangkok (rather Thailand) is a flag with 5 Horizontal stripes of 3 colors namely Red, white and Blue. The flag is known as ‘Trairanga’. The Flag colors are same as that of Britain, France, United States and Russia.

Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist spots in the world

People of Bangkok are said to be fun and food Loving. This is why the people from all over the country are always invited in this city. People love to serve different kinds of Famous foods to people and these foods are delicious such as Red Curry (Gaeng Daeng), Spicy Shrimp Soup, Tom Kha Kai which is Chicken in Coconut Soup and many other such recipes which are among the proposed food items for the Travelers.

Many of the places in Bangkok are considered worth seeing. For every tourist who loves to experience different sights and places of new countries, Bangkok is definitely made for you. Grand Palace, Wat Saket, Lumphini Park, Siam Paragona and Wat Arun will impress you up to the extremities. Sight of these places becomes much more lively and impressive when it is accompanied by perfect climatic condition of Bangkok. The weather condition are quite average. But the weather is not always perfect. And even goes to as much as 40 degree Celsius in the month of March and May. So, for you tourists, please check the season before you decide to head towards Bangkok.

Dialing code of Bangkok is +66-2. This is the one of the most Vital Information a tourist must have before stepping into the City. This will help to reach people in different parts of the city and therefore find themselves at an ease.

Culture and Traditions of Bangkok are mostly influenced by India, China and South East Asia. Traditional Clothing and food traditions are said to be influenced by different parts of Asia and Buddhism. Local people of Bangkok are very much Hospitable to Tourists this is why Bangkok is also known as ‘City of Smiles’. The locals of this city are following their culture from Thousands of years and they see it as a matter of respect. The example of tradition can be the Houses or Wooden Houses built right next to each other.

There is much more than writing about Bangkok that one can experience only after visiting this beautiful city. The experience can be a memorable one if a tourist plans everything according to weather conditions.


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