Hit The Beach: 10 Must-See Phuket Spots To Visit With Your Friends

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked getaway with your friends, then Phuket is the perfect destination! With its stunning beaches, lively nightlife and abundance of activities, there’s something for everyone. Find out in this blog all the must-see spots you and your friends can explore on your holiday to Phuket.

Introduction to Phuket

1. Introduction to Phuket

If you and your friends are looking for a beautiful beach destination to visit, then look no further than Phuket, Thailand! This stunning island is home to some of the best beaches in the world, as well as a wealth of activities and attractions to keep you entertained. Here are just a few of the must-see spots in Phuket that you won’t want to miss out on during your trip.

Tips for Traveling to Phuket with Friends

1. Make sure to do your research before booking any travel or accommodation – there are plenty of scams out there targeting tourists.

2. When in Phuket, avoid ATMs and instead get cash from your hotel or a reputable money exchange office.

3. Don’t leave your belongings unguarded on the beach – there have been reports of theft from sunbathers’ bags.

4. Stick to well-lit and busy areas at night, especially if you’re alone.

5. If you’re planning on doing any activities like snorkelling or kayaking, make sure to book with a reputable company who will provide you with the necessary safety gear.

Best Beaches in Phuket

1. Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao beach is one of the best beaches in Phuket for its long stretches of white sand and clear blue waters. It’s a great place to relax and soak up the sun with your friends. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars nearby if you want to grab a bite or have a drink.

2. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn beach is another beautiful spot for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing with friends. It’s located south of Phuket town and is known for its calm waters and stunning views. There are several cafes and restaurants in the area if you need a break from the sun.

3. Banana Beach

Banana Beach is a great spot for surfing, bodyboarding, and other water sports. It’s located on the west coast of Phuket and has strong waves that make it perfect for experienced surfers. There are also several beginner-friendly spots nearby if you’re just starting out. After a day of surfing, you can relax at one of the many beach bars or restaurants in the area.

Best Restaurants in Phuket

If you and your friends are looking for the best places to eat in Phuket, look no further! Here are our top picks for the best restaurants in Phuket:

1. Siam Supper Club: This chic restaurant is perfect for a night out with your friends. With its delicious Thai-fusion cuisine and stylish setting, you’ll love everything about Siam Supper Club.

2. The Boathouse: Located on the water’s edge, The Boathouse offers stunning views of the Andaman Sea as well as delectable seafood dishes. Be sure to try their famous grilled prawns!

3. Joe’s Downstairs: A popular spot with both locals and tourists, Joe’s Downstairs serves up some of the best Western food in Phuket. From burgers to steaks, you’ll find something to suit everyone’s taste at Joe’s.

4. La Gritta: If you’re looking for a romantic evening out with your friends, La Gritta is the perfect spot. With its stunning Italian-style setting and impressive menu, La Gritta will definitely make an impression.

5. Spice House: For a truly unique dining experience, head to Spice House where you can enjoy traditional Thai street food in a relaxed setting. From Pad Thai to green curry, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Spice House.

Shopping Hotspots in Phuket

When it comes to shopping, Phuket has a lot to offer. From local markets to malls, there are plenty of places to find souvenirs, clothes, and more. Here are some of the best shopping hotspots in Phuket:

-The Old Town: This is where you’ll find a mix of traditional markets and shops selling locally made goods. hile it can be touristy, it’s still worth checking out for the atmosphere and to find some unique items.

-Patong Beach: This is the most popular beach on the island and it’s also home to a large night market. There are plenty of stalls selling everything from fake designer clothes to souvenirs and Thai handicrafts. hile it can be crowded, it’s definitely worth browsing through the market for some good deals.

-Central Festival Phuket: This is the largest mall on the island and it’s packed with stores selling everything from clothes to electronics. There’s also a food court and multiplex cinema, making it a great place to spend a day or evening if you’re looking for some air conditioning!

Popular Activities in Phuket

1. Phuket Old Town
2. Wat Chalong
3. Big Buddha Phuket
4. Promthep Cape
5. Khao Phing Kan (James Bond island)
6. Phi Phi Islands

Nightlife Options in Phuket

Phuket has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and amazing nightlife. While the island has plenty of options for those looking to party all night long, there are also plenty of quieter spots perfect for enjoying a romantic sunset or taking in the views of the city. Here are some of our favorite nightlife options in Phuket:

For those looking to party hard, Bangla Road is the place to be. This street is lined with bars and clubs, and it comes alive at night with music, dancing, and revelry. If you want to keep the party going until dawn, make sure to check out Tiger Disco, one of the most popular nightclubs on the island.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, Kata Beach is a great option. This beach is known for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sunsets. There are several bars and restaurants along the beach where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or bite to eat while watching the sun sink into the Andaman Sea.

Whether you’re looking to party all night or just enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, Phuket has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and hit the beach!


The beaches of Phuket in Thailand offer the perfect getaway for any group of friends looking to explore, relax and make memories. From beach-hopping and snorkeling to partying it up on Bangla Road and visiting national parks, there is something here for everyone. Whether it’s a vacation with your best pals or a romantic escape with your significant other, we hope our list has given you some ideas on where to start your Phuket adventure!

Explore Far East Fashion: Trendsetting Styles And Textiles From Thailand

What does Thailand have to offer the world of fashion? From stunning silks to bold prints, the country offers an impressive range of fabrics, colors, and styles. In this article, we explore just how Thai designers have become trendsetters in contemporary fashion worldwide – from luxury boutiques to high-street stores.

Introduction: What is Far East Fashion?

Thailand has long been a hub for fashion, textiles, and design. In recent years, the country’s fashion scene has exploded, with new designers, boutiques, and labels popping up all over Bangkok and other cities. Thai fashion is known for its bright colors, bold patterns, and eclectic styles. While some Thai designers are influenced by Western trends, many create unique looks that are distinctly Thai.

Thailand’s textile industry is one of the oldest and most developed in Asia. The country produces a wide variety of natural fibers like silk, cotton, and hemp, as well as man-made materials like polyester and nylon. Thai textile companies have a reputation for producing high-quality fabrics and innovative designs.

Far East fashion is all about mixing traditional Thai styles with modern trends. It’s about taking risks and being bold with your choices. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your clothing, Far East fashion is the way to go!

Traditional Textiles of Thailand

Traditional Thai textiles are characterized by their bright colors and intricate patterns. Common motifs include elephants, dragons, and flowers. Thai silk is the most famous of all Thai textiles. It is made from the cocoons of Thai silkworms and is known for its softness and shining appearance. Thai cotton is also prized for its quality. It is often used to make traditional Thai clothing such as the pha bung, a type of wrap skirt.

Thai textiles are not only beautiful, but they also have a long history dating back to ancient times. Traditional methods of production have been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that these unique fabrics continue to be produced today.

Trending Fashion Styles in Thailand

In Thailand, fashion is all about being unique and standing out from the crowd. The country has a strong preference for brightly colored clothing, and many Thai people love to accessorize their outfits with flashy jewelry and big sunglasses. Thai people also tend to dress very formally, even when they’re just going out for a casual lunch or shopping at the market.

There are a few specific trends that are popular in Thailand right now. Floral prints are always in style, and you’ll see lots of flowy dresses and skirts adorned with pretty patterns. statement sleeves are also trendy, as are ruffles, lace, and sequins. If you really want to make a fashion statement in Thailand, try pairing two bold colors together – it’s sure to turn heads!

Current Beauty Standards in Thailand

Women in Thailand are known for their intricate beauty rituals and use a vast array of natural ingredients to achieve healthy, youthful skin. A traditional Thai beauty routine often starts with a steaming herbal compress massage, followed by a milk bath and a session of oil pulling.

Thai women take great pride in their appearance and spend a lot of time and money on beauty products and treatments. The current beauty standards in Thailand are quite different from those in the West, where natural beauty is often celebrated. In Thailand, fair skin, long hair, and delicate features are prized.

Many Thai women use bleaching creams to lighten their skin tone, as well as harsh chemicals to straighten their hair. It’s not uncommon for Thai women to have regular facials, Full Body Scrubs , manicures, and pedicures. Fake eyelashes and nails are also popular.

In general, Thais tend to be more accepting of diverse body types than many Westerners. However, there is still pressure on women to be thin and toned. Popular diets among Thai women include the ‘watermelon diet’ and the ‘tomato diet.’ These fad diets claim to help women lose weight quickly – usually by cutting out entire food groups or eating only one type of food for every meal.

How to Buy/ Style Items from Thailand

The best way to get stylish, trendy items from Thailand is to shop at Thai markets. Here, you’ll find a wide range of items, including clothes, shoes, and accessories, all at great prices. To get the most out of your Thai shopping experience, follow these tips:

– Shop early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and crowds.
– Dress comfortably and be prepared to haggle.
– Don’t be afraid to bargain for a better price – it’s expected!
– When bargaining, start low and then increase your offer gradually.
– Be aware of fake goods – if an item seems too good to be true, it probably is.
– Pay with cash whenever possible to avoid being charged extra for using a credit card.

Local Brands Making a Statement in Thailand

In recent years, Thailand has become a leading hub for fashion and design in Southeast Asia. Local brands are making a statement with their unique style and creativity.

Thai designers are known for their use of bright colors and bold patterns. They often incorporate traditional Thai textile techniques into their designs. This results in clothing that is both stylish and unique.

One of the most popular local brands is called Sretsis. The brand was founded by three sisters who grew up in Thailand. Their collections are inspired by their cultural heritage and feature intricate embroidery and beading work.

Another well-known Thai label is Greyhound Café. The brand is known for its funky streetwear designs. Greyhound Café’s clothes are often adorned with cartoon characters and graphic prints.

If you’re looking for more high-end fashion, check out Namjai Collection. This brand creates beautiful garments using traditional Thai techniques such as hand-woven silk fabric and natural dyeing methods.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Thai clothing or something more contemporary, you’ll be sure to find it in Thailand. With its growing fashion industry, Thailand is becoming a must-visit destination for fashion lovers from all over the world.


Far East fashion is a captivating mix of traditional and modern styles. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching accessory, like a brightly-printed sarong, or an updated take on traditional clothing that gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, Far East fashion offers something for everyone. By exploring the trendsetting styles and textiles from Thailand, as well as other countries in Southeast Asia, we can ensure that our wardrobe stands out this season without compromising on comfort or quality.

The 8 Best Places To Visit In Thailand If You’re Seeking A Quiet Vacation

Have you been dreaming of a vacation in Thailand? With its beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, and amazing food scenes, it’s no wonder why Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. But if you’re looking for something a bit more secluded and peaceful, then don’t worry! This article will give you an insider look into the top 8 destinations that offer an unbeatable combination of relaxation, culture and adventure.
Introduction: What makes a good travel destination?
When you picture Thailand, you might think of bustling Bangkok or the beautiful beaches of Phuket. But what if you’re looking for a quiet vacation? Here are the best places to visit in Thailand if you’re seeking a peaceful getaway:

1) Chiang Mai – This charming city is located in northern Thailand and is known for its serene atmosphere. There are plenty of temples and pagodas to explore, as well as quaint markets and shops. And don’t forget to try the local cuisine!

2) Sukhothai – If you’re interested in Thai history, then be sure to visit Sukhothai. This city was once the capital of the Siam Kingdom and is home to many ancient ruins. You can also find some lovely parks and gardens here.

3) Mae Hong Son – If you love nature, then Mae Hong Son is the perfect place for you. This mountainous region is filled with jungle-covered hills, caves, waterfalls, and hot springs. And it’s also home to several hill tribe villages.

4) Kanchanaburi – Kanchanaburi province is best known for the River Kwai, made famous by the WWII movie Bridge on the River Kwai. But there’s more to see than just the river! The area is also home to lush forests, elephants, and bamboo rafting trips.

5) Trat – Last but not least, Trat province is another great option
Activity Ideas: Things to do on the beaches in Thailand!

Thailand is well-known for its beautiful beaches, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy on these shores. Here are some ideas of things to do on the beaches in Thailand:

1. Take a walk along the beach – This is a great way to clear your head and enjoy the stunning scenery.
2. Go for a swim – The water is warm and inviting, perfect for a refreshing dip.
3. Sit back and relax – Soak up the sun and relax with a good book or magazine.
4. Play beach volleyball – Spike the ball around and have some fun in the sand.
5. Build a sandcastle – Get creative and see how high you can build your castle walls.
6. Go snorkelling – Explore the underwater world and marvel at the colourful fish species.

Karaoke Bars: Where you can release your inner popstar!
Karaoke bars are a popular nightlife destination in Thailand, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to let loose and be the star of the show. There are plenty of karaoke bars throughout the country, so you’re sure to find one that’s just your style.

Whether you want to belt out your favorite pop songs or croon some classic ballads, karaoke is a great way to have some fun and show off your vocal skills. And there’s no need to worry if you’re not a pro singer – karaoke bars are all about enjoying yourself and letting loose.

So round up your friends and head to a karaoke bar next time you’re looking for a fun night out. You might just discover that you’ve got a hidden talent for singing!
Triple Triads Mission: How to earn money even when you’re traveling.
There are many ways to make money while traveling, and one great way is to participate in Triple Triads missions. This activity allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes, and it can be a fun way to pass the time while you’re on vacation.

To participate in a Triple Triads mission, simply open the Mission Tab from your menu and select the desired mission. Complete the objectives listed and then turn in the mission to receive your reward. It’s that easy!

Not only is participating in Triple Triads missions a great way to make some extra money while you’re on vacation, but it’s also a great way to meet new people and explore new areas of Thailand. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning!
Places to Visit in Thailand
1. Ko Tarutao National Park: This national park is made up of a group of islands in the Andaman Sea and is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet, natural setting. There are no roads or buildings on the islands, and the only way to get around is by foot or boat.

2. Ao Nang: This small town in Krabi Province is a popular destination for travelers who want to experience Thailand’s stunning beaches without all the crowds. Ao Nang has several smaller beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.

3. Khao Sok National Park: This national park is located in southern Thailand and is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. The park’s dense jungle, mountains, lakes, and rivers make it a great place to explore on foot or by boat.

4. Pai: Pai is a small town in northern Thailand that’s becoming increasingly popular with tourists who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere than what they find in Bangkok or other major cities. The town has a laid-back vibe and offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.

5. Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second-largest city, but it feels much smaller and more intimate than Bangkok. The city is surrounded by mountains and forests, making it an ideal base for exploring northern Thailand’s natural beauty.
Thailand is a fantastic destination if you are looking for tranquility, incredible culture and an unforgettable experience. These 8 places to visit in Thailand offer visitors the opportunity to connect with nature, traditional customs and secrets abounding of this amazing land. Whether you plan on hiking one of Thailand’s many mountains or relaxing at beautiful beaches, there is something special suited for everyone who desires some time away from it all. So start packing your bags today, because this vacation awaits!

Thailand’s Best Restaurants For Absolute Foodie Heaven

Thailand is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, from Bangkok to Phuket it is a must place for visitors to enjoy not only its fantastic food but its culture as well. Whether you are passing through on your travels or staying in Thailand, take some time out and check out these great restaurants that offer arguably the best food in Thailand.

What makes Thailand’s best restaurants stand out?

There is no definitive answer, but some of the key factors may be exquisite food, innovative menus, and elegant settings. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a sensational dining experience, these top restaurants will fulfill all your cravings.

First up is Akarapura Restaurant in Bangkok. This Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its creative modern Thai cuisine that showcases the best of the country’s produce. The inventive menu changes regularly, so be sure to check it out before your next meal.

Another top choice in Bangkok is Siam Noir, which is widely considered to be one of the city’s best fine-dining experiences overall. The sophisticated setting and unparalleled wine list make this definitely one NOT to miss.

Moving on to Isaan North Thailand, the cuisine here is an interesting mix of indigenous flavors with influences from neighboring countries including Laos and Cambodia. There are plenty of excellent local restaurants that can cater to any taste, but if you’re looking for something truly unique then head over to JJ Fish Head in Wang Buri – home to some of Thailand’s most unusual seafood dishes ever tasted.

The Top 10 Best Restaurants in Thailand

Food is at the heart of Thailand, and there’s no shortage of excellent restaurants in the country. From traditional Thai dishes to international favourites, these are some of the best places to eat in Thailand.

1. Benjarong Restaurant
Benjarong Restaurant is a top choice for Thai food lovers who want to experience something different. This restaurant features Japanese, Thai and European cooking all together in one place. It’s a great place to try new dishes, or relive memories of old favourites.

2. Siam Bounty House
Siam Bounty House is another top choice for those looking for delicious food with a blend of traditional and modern cooking. You’ll find everything from noodles and rice dishes to stir-fries and burgers on the menu here. There’s also a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails available to wash it all down.

3. Bin 36
Bin 36 is perfect if you’re looking for something authentically Thai. The restaurant features an extensive selection of traditional dishes, as well as some more modern twists on classic recipes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something off the menu!

Background of food in Thailand

Food in Thailand is a reflection of the country’s diverse culture and history. There are many traditional dishes that have been adapted over the years to meet the needs of modern Thai eaters. Along with traditional favourites, contemporary Thai cuisine has also developed into an exciting and innovative field, with chefs experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to create new and memorable dishes.

There are a number of excellent restaurants in Thailand that offer absolute foodie heaven for discriminating diners. Whether you’re after Thai classics or something more daring, these establishments have it all. Here’s a summary of the best restaurants for absolute foodie heaven in Thailand:

1) Bangkok Garden Restaurant is a top favourite for traditional Thai cuisine that’s been superbly executed. The focus is on fresh ingredients and careful preparation, which results in authentic, delicious food that’s beautifully presented.

2) Siam Square Restaurant offers a unique dining experience that takes visitors on a journey through Thailand’s history. Its extensive menu features many exciting new twists on classic Thai dishes, augmenting an already varied selection of impressive offerings.

3) Yaowarat Road Restaurant is an institution among Bangkok foodies and devotees from all around the world.

Thai Street Food

If you’re looking for delectable eats that will take your taste buds on a wild ride, head to Thailand for some of the best street food around. From savory curries to sweet and sour pork, there’s no limit to what you can find here. Here are five of Thailand’s best restaurants for absolute foodie heaven.

1. Sakae Sushi located in Bangkok’s Banglamphu district offers an incredible variety of sushi dishes, all made with fresh fish and flown in daily from Japan. The atmosphere is sleek and contemporary, perfect for a night out with friends.

2. Hua Hin’s famous Kuay Tiaw restaurant is famous not just for its delicious food – which includes plenty of traditional Thai dish such as larb and kaeng kuey teow – but also because the owner is a mud wrestler! If you’re looking to get really up close and personal with some tasty eats, this is the place to go.

3. Asiatique is Bangkok’s most luxurious Thai restaurant, but don’t let the price tag scare you – their exquisite dishes will leave you feeling spoiled rotten.

Behind the scenes and Storytelling

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, Thailand has some of the best restaurants in the world. From relaxed candlelit dinners to Michelin-starred fine-dining experiences, these restaurants will transport you to a whole other world.

Sripraphai : hands down, Sripraphai is one of the top Thai restaurants in the world. Situated on the 5th floor of a restored 19th century building in Bangkok’s historic Silom district, this elegant restaurant is decorated with beautiful antique lacquerwork and traditional Thai furniture. The focus is 100% traditional Thai cuisine – from the appetizers such as deep-fried papaya salad with shrimp paste and chicken liver sauce to classic Isaan dishes like green curry duck with mixed vegetables. The prices are very reasonable for such high quality food, making this a great choice for budget-minded foodies as well.

Try These Hotels In Thailand On Agoda For Amazing Deals

As trips to Thailand can be pricey, time is valuable when it comes to planning your trip. You want to see all the sites, comb the streets for delicious meals and try every gorgeous beach you can. In this article, you will find a list of great hotels in Thailand in both large cities and quieter locations with lower rates on Agoda – way more affordable than booking far-away hotels at peak seasons!

What is Agoda?

Agoda is a online booking platform that makes it easy to find great hotel deals all over the world. You can use Agoda to find hotels in Thailand, whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or just need a place to stay while you are in the country.

One of the great things about Agoda is that you can search by price, location, and other features. You can also read reviews from people who have already stayed in the hotels. This way, you can make sure that you are choosing the right hotel for your needs.

If you are looking for something special, you can also use Agoda’s Express Deals feature. This allows you to find deals that are only available for a limited time. So make sure to check out Agoda’s Thai website today!

Getting the best deals on Hotels in Thailand with Agoda

If you’re looking for some amazing deals on hotels in Thailand, look no further than Agoda. With our easy-to-use search engine, you’ll be able to find the best hotels at the best prices.

Our selection of hotels in Thailand includes both luxury and budget options, so you’re sure to find something that fit your needs. Plus, with our 24/7 customer support, you can always get help if you have any questions.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our selection of amazing hotels in Thailand today on Agoda!

Compare hotel prices on Agoda

If you’re looking for a great value in Thailand, look no further than Agoda. We have hundreds of great hotels available on our site, all at amazing prices.

One of the great things about Agoda is that you can find hotels in all parts of Thailand. You can find hotels in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and many other cities.

So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Agoda has the perfect hotel for you. And because Agoda offers great deals on top hotels, you can stay in luxury accommodations while still saving money. Hurry and check out our amazing selection of hotels today!

Finding hotels to stay at in Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, Agoda can help you find amazing deals on hotels. With our search engine, you can search by location and type of accommodation. You can also use our filters to find the perfect hotel for your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a hotel near a theme park, you can filter for “theme parks.” Or, if you’re looking for a hotel with a pool, you can filter for “pool.” You can also filter by price range and star rating.

Simply enter your travel dates and choose the hotel that’s right for you. We guarantee you’ll find the best deal on hotels in Thailand on Agoda!

Popular hotels for budget travelers

Thailand is a country with a lot to offer budget travelers. With so many amazing deals on Agoda, now is the time to explore this beautiful country!

Popular budget hotels in Thailand include The Oriental, which has excellent reviews and deals starting at $48 per night. The Oriental is located in Bangkok and offers spacious rooms with air conditioning and cable TV. Another great option for budget travelers is The Siam Thai Guesthouse, which has excellent reviews and deals starting at $12 per night. This guesthouse is located in Pattaya and offers rooms with shared bathrooms and FREE WiFi.

There are also many luxury hotels in Thailand that offer amazing deals on Agoda. One of the most luxurious hotels on Agoda is The Peninsula Bangkok, which has fantastic discounts starting at $270 per night. This hotel is located in central Bangkok and features an impressive spa and library. If you’re looking for an even more luxurious experience, try The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, which has incredible discounts starting at $835 per night. This luxury hotel features luxurious amenities like 24-hour room service, private yoga classes, and a heated pool.

Places to explore in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country with so much to offer. From its beaches and jungles to its bustling cities and limestone temples, there is something for everyone. And if you’re looking for great deals on hotels, look no further than Agoda.

With Agoda, you can find amazing deals on hotels in Thailand. For example, you can book a hotel in Bangkok for just $54 per night. That’s nearly 50% off the regular price! You can also find incredible deals on hotels in other parts of Thailand. So whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or a bustling city center, Agoda has the perfect hotel for you.

How much does it cost to stay at a Hotel in Thailand?

It is important to note that the cost of staying at a Hotel in Thailand varies depending on the city you are staying in. However, most Hotels in Thailand cost between $50 and $160 per night.

If you are looking for a great deal on a Hotel in Thailand, Agoda is the perfect website to use. On Agoda, you can find deals on hotels all across the country. You can also filter by location, type of accommodation, and star rating to find the perfect Hotel for your needs.

Bangkok | Thailand


Bangkok | Thailand

The city with the population of more than 8 million and acquiring more than 12.6 percent of population of Thailand. This is the city named as Bangkok. One of the biggest Tourist spot in this world. It has been declared as World’s Best City for four Consecutive years and also the most Visited city according to Master Card Global Destinations. It is situated on the Banks of Chao Phraya River. The city gain so much of fame and importance due to its unique looking location on the bank of river. After this city started getting importance it spread its wings in the field of international market and trade. Even the western business people and merchants started to get involved in this city.

Travelling to Bangkok? It leaves you speechless then turns you into storyteller

For the people who are going to visit Thailand and don’t know much about the country details, the country of Thailand is also known as Kingdom of Thailand. Flag of Bangkok (rather Thailand) is a flag with 5 Horizontal stripes of 3 colors namely Red, white and Blue. The flag is known as ‘Trairanga’. The Flag colors are same as that of Britain, France, United States and Russia.

Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist spots in the world

People of Bangkok are said to be fun and food Loving. This is why the people from all over the country are always invited in this city. People love to serve different kinds of Famous foods to people and these foods are delicious such as Red Curry (Gaeng Daeng), Spicy Shrimp Soup, Tom Kha Kai which is Chicken in Coconut Soup and many other such recipes which are among the proposed food items for the Travelers.

Many of the places in Bangkok are considered worth seeing. For every tourist who loves to experience different sights and places of new countries, Bangkok is definitely made for you. Grand Palace, Wat Saket, Lumphini Park, Siam Paragona and Wat Arun will impress you up to the extremities. Sight of these places becomes much more lively and impressive when it is accompanied by perfect climatic condition of Bangkok. The weather condition are quite average. But the weather is not always perfect. And even goes to as much as 40 degree Celsius in the month of March and May. So, for you tourists, please check the season before you decide to head towards Bangkok.

Dialing code of Bangkok is +66-2. This is the one of the most Vital Information a tourist must have before stepping into the City. This will help to reach people in different parts of the city and therefore find themselves at an ease.

Culture and Traditions of Bangkok are mostly influenced by India, China and South East Asia. Traditional Clothing and food traditions are said to be influenced by different parts of Asia and Buddhism. Local people of Bangkok are very much Hospitable to Tourists this is why Bangkok is also known as ‘City of Smiles’. The locals of this city are following their culture from Thousands of years and they see it as a matter of respect. The example of tradition can be the Houses or Wooden Houses built right next to each other.

There is much more than writing about Bangkok that one can experience only after visiting this beautiful city. The experience can be a memorable one if a tourist plans everything according to weather conditions.


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