Best Tourist Attractions, Hotels & Activities in Bangalore

Traveling is becoming easier these days with the advancement of technology, and it has become easier to plan your own itineraries. These six best things to do in Bangalore will surely become your next destination!

Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city full of attractions that can appeal to tourists of all ages. Whether you’re looking for ancient sites, stunning natural landscapes, or unique museums, Bangalore has something for you. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Bangalore:

1. Palace of Fine Arts: This beautiful architectural heritage site is home to some of the most iconic paintings and sculptures in India. It’s also a great place to take a yoga class or relax in the garden.

2. Silk City: This buzzing market town is home to several silk factories and shops. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs or explore the local restaurants and cafés.

3. MahaveerJunaGadhimukha Temple: This magnificent temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangalore. The temple complex is surrounded by beautiful gardens and waterfalls.

4. Jayanagara Gardens: This large park surrounds two historic palaces – the Hanumantha Vilas and Dodda Rayappa Iyer Vilas. You can explore the gardens, visit historical landmarks, or attend concerts and festivals in the park courtyard.

Top 10 Hotels in Bangalore

If you’re looking for a vacation that will invigorate your senses and take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world, Bangalore is the perfect destination.

There are many attractions in Bangalore that are perfect for tourists. Some of the best tourist attractions in Bangalore include ISKCON Temple, Wildlife Park, Marina Beach and Kanteerava National Park.

Some of the best hotels in Bangalore include The Lalit Ashok Mumbai Palace, Radisson Blu Crossings and Shangri-La Hotel. Make sure to check out these great hotels before you plan your next vacation in Bangalore.

Traveling Tips

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Bangalore | Karnataka | India


Bangalore | Karnataka | India

Bangalore: The garden city of India
Multicultural and multiethnic city Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most progressive and advanced cities in India, it is also the capital city of India’s one of the most developed state Karnataka. Bangalore is called the garden city of India, as innumerable beautiful garden spaces are scattered all over the city. Being the country’s topmost software, and IT hub, Bangalore is also popularly known as the “Silicon Valley” of India. Its pleasant weather, modern lifestyle, unique South Indian culture, top-graded hotels, and various popular sightseeing attract thousands of visitors every year.

Bangalore or Bengaluru is India topmost software and IT hub

Weather in Bangalore
The city possesses a pleasant weather throughout the year. Temperature remains within 25-32 degree centigrade in summer, but sometimes it rises up to 38 degree centigrade in May or June. In winter temperature, doesn’t lowers below 14 degree centigrade. The city receives pretty good rainfall during the monsoon season in India. In winter, it generally remains dry.

Bangalore (Bengaluru) is also popularly known as the “Silicon Valley” of India

General information about Bangalore
Here is some important information about Bangalore:
• It is the third largest city of India, and capital city of south Indian state Karnataka.
• It covers an area of about 740 Sq. Km.
• It is the 5th most populous city of India with a population of about 9 million.
• It is connected with the other parts of the country, as also with the world through Kempegowrah International Airport.
• According to Forbes, Bangalore is the fastest growing city of the country.
• Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is established in Bangalore.
• It is the most important IT hub of India. It is the Indian head quarter of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and many more.

Transport in Bangalore
This city is well-connected with the other cities of India, and the world through air, rail, and road. Transport within the city and its suburban areas are also too strong and smooth. The airport is just 40Km away from the city center area, and several airlines are providing domestic, and international air services to and from Bangalore. It is the divisional HQ of Southwestern railway in India. As such, numerous trains are connecting this city with New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.

The city is also having good communication with the other states and cities through several roads. NH 44 is passing though Bangalore that is crossing 6 major Indian states, and several cities, like Varanasi, Hyderabad, and Nagpur. Also, NH 48, NH 275, and SH 87 are passing through Bangalore connecting the other parts of the country.

Places to visit
Here are some popular places to visit while in Bangalore:
• National Gallery of Modern Art
• Lalbagh Botanical Garden
• Iskon Temple
• Tipu Sultan’s Palace
• Jamia Mosque
• Government Museum
Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Fort
• Bull Temple
• St. Mark’s cathedral
• Janapada Loka Folk Art Museum
• Venkatappa Art Gallery

Festivals in Bangalore
Several Hindu festivals are popular here including, Ugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Ram Navami. Besides, Karnataka State festival, St. Mary’s feast and Eid-ul-Fitr are celebrated here with great joy and enthusiasm.

Best time to visit Bangalore
Though tourists visit this city throughout the year, tourists at large prefer to visit the city during the winter season, as the weather becomes too cozy during winter. The number of tourists lowers significantly during April to June due to high temperature and dry weather.


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