The Best Places to Visit in Punjab India In 2022

Nothing beats touring an unexplored city or region in the comfort of your home without being on a full vacation. This article will provide an overview and research which highlights some of the top places to visit in Punjab, India by 2022.

Cost of Travel

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a trip is the cost of travel. In Punjab, India, the cost of travel is relatively low compared to other countries in the world.

Punjab is a large and diverse country with a variety of attractions to offer visitors. Some of the most popular destinations include Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana. All three towns are located in northwest Punjab and offer a wide range of attractions, including ancient relics, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and lively nightlife.

The best way to find out about the various attractions in Punjab is to speak with locals. Alternatively, there are numerous online resources that can help plan your trip. Whether you’re looking for general information or detailed reviews of specific destinations, there’s likely to be a resource that will suit your needs.

Whatever your budget may be, there’s sure to be something great to see and do in Punjab.

Punjab Travel: 10 Popular Attractions

Punjab is one of the most popular destinations in India and it offers a lot of fun and excitement for visitors. Here are 10 of the best attractions to visit in Punjab:

1. Ranjit Sagar Lake: Ranjit Sagar Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake located in Chandigarh district of Punjab. The lake is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and for hosting swimming and fishing competitions.

2. Shiridi Dala Gurudwara: The Shiridi Dala Gurudwara is a sacred Sikh temple located in Amritsar district of Punjab. The temple is also well-known for its spectacular vistas of the Golden Temple – the main shrine of the Sikhs.

3. Khushboo Temple: Khushboo Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Jammu&Kashmir province of India. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Khushboo, who is venerated as the de facto consort of Lord Vishnu.

4. Mansa Devi Temple: Mansa Devi Temple is a Hindu temple located near Jind district in Punjab. The temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi, who is believed to be popularly worshipped.

Accessibility of Punjab India in 2022

In 2022, Punjab India will be the most accessible state in India due to its rising popularity for tourism. Here are some of the best places to visit in Punjab India in 2022.

Punjab is home to many beautiful tourist destinations that are perfect for tourists from all over the world. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Punjab India include Chandigarh, Amritsar, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

Chandigarh is a popular destination for tourists because of its historical importance and stunning architecture. Amritsar is known for its holy sites, such as Sri Gurudwara Sahib Ji. Lahore is a famous city for shopping and food, and Faisalabad is home to the Kot Lakhpat Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All of these destinations are easy to access by air, rail, or road. You can find more information about each destination on our website or by contacting our team via email or phone. We would be happy to help you plan your trip to Punjab India in 2022!

Golden Temple | Amritsar | Punjab | India

Golden Temple

Golden Temple | Amritsar | Punjab | India

Golden Temple is situated in the beautiful city of Amritsar, Punjab, India.

Golden Temple is popularly known as Sri Harmandir Sahib and Sri Darbar Sahib.

The Gurudwara is spread in huge area and Golden Temple is the part of this huge Gurudwara complex.

Amritsar is well-connected with rest of the world and other states of India by road, rail and air. It is almost 200 Kms away from Chandigarh which is around 4 hours by road and 449 Kms far from Delhi which is around 7-8 hours by road. The nearest airport is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport. The airport is 13 Kms away from Sri Harmandir Sahib and it takes approx 30 minutes to reach Gurudwara.

The water or holy tank in Gurudwara complex was named Amrit Sarovar by Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru. The city name, Amritsar, is taken by Amrit Sarovar’s name. The Sarovar or water tank is said to have healing powers in it and pilgrims from all over the world come here to take a bath. The Golden Temple is surrounded by the Amrit Sarovar which was designed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru of Sikhs.

The construction of Sri Darbar Sahib was started by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in 1588 and completed in 1604.

After the completion of Sri Harmandir Sahib, Guru Granth Sahib Ji (the Holy book of Sikhs) was placed.

Golden Temple is the central religious place for Sikhs worship.

There are four entrances to reach into Gurudwara premises which signifies that pilgrims of any caste and creed are equal and can enter into Sri Darbar Sahib from any of the four directions.

The Golden Temple was built with a thought that women, men and children from any caste and religion can come here and worship. They would be given equal rights to worship here.

Like every other Gurudwara, Sri Harmandir Sahib offers free langar service. A study states that over one lakh of people visit Sri Harmandir Sahib everyday and Gurudwara kitchen can serve food up to three lakh people daily.

Golden Temple has the world’s largest kitchen which offers food to everyone, irrespective of their caste, colour and background. Also, the Gurudwara helps in serving food to needy people in times of disaster. The Gurudwara kitchen serve only vegetarian food to people. The free langar service was initiated by the first Guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Out of respect to God, men and women must have to cover their head before entering Gurudwara premises. This is mandatory for everyone.

The center of tourists attraction is the temple surrounded by Amrit Sarovar which is made up of 750 kilograms (kg) of pure gold.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji is seated in the Golden Temple from 5am in winters & 4am in summers and returned to the Akal Takht in night at 9:30pm in winters & 10:30pm in summers.

The Akal Takht is one of the five seats (takhts) of Sikhs religion. It was built up by Guru Hargobind Singh Ji, the sixth Sikh Guru. The Akal Takht is the place of issues consideration and justice.


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Chandigarh Shimla Heli Taxi

Reach Shimla from Chandigarh in just 20 minutes

Chandigarh Shimla Heli Taxi

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has initiated a Heli-Taxi service in association with Pawan Hans Limited for promoting hill tourism. The capital city of three states, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh is under this project. The chopper ride is between Shimla-Chandigarh-Shimla.

The amenity will start from June 4 this year. It will have limited service at the beginning and will be increased post inspecting the performance and tourists demand.

The chopper will have 20 seats and will cost you Rs. 2,999 per seat. The service will be available on Monday and Friday.

There is no direct service available between these two cities hence the only road medium takes nearly 4 hours to commute. But this morning flight will cover the distance of 120 km in just 20 minutes. The chopper will head start from Shimla at 8:00 am and reach Chandigarh at 8:20 am. The second shift of the helicopter will start from Chandigarh airport at 9:00 in the morning and will reach Shimla at 9:20.

Jairam Thakur, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, will onset the first service.

Post Kullu, Shimla is the second city to get connected with Chandigarh via air. Flights to Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Indore will also start soon.

This initiative will surely give a lift to the tourism industry.

Jallianwala Bagh | Amritsar | Punjab | India

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh | Amritsar | Punjab | India

If you are into historical places then Jallianwala Bagh is one place that you need to tick off from your bucket list.

Jallianwala Bagh is a public garden or a memorial park of 6 to 7 acres in Amritsar in the Punjab state of India. It is almost 1.3 kilometers away from the famous Golden Temple which means nearly 7 minutes of walk.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre or Amritsar Massacre has a brutal history attached to its name.

It has been 98 years now and any time we still hear the name Jallianwala Bagh a sense of grief and anger cross our minds.

For those who are not aware about the history of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, here is a dose of history for you.

It was at the time of festival of Baisakhi (also known as Vaisakhi) in the year 1919 when a group of people gathered at the Jallianwala Bagh for a non-violent protest.

And for the record, Baisakhi is the main Sikh festival celebrated in Punjab and every year a large number of pilgrims from all over India visit Amritsar for the same.

And that day was not an exception, unaware about the whole fiasco pilgrims from all over India visited Jallianwala Bagh when Colonel Reginald Dyer ordered his 50 troops to fire the crowd brutally without stopping for a whole lot of 10 minutes killing around 1000 people and leaving 1100 wounded (Well these were the publically stated figures the actual figures must have been way ahead of this).

Whereas, the estimated number of pilgrims present there at the horrifying moment was around 25000.

Not just that almost 120 people jumped into the well of the Bagh.

The Bagh had walls all-around it of around 10 feet long and the passage ways were pretty narrow (which most of them were sealed) and the main passage way/entrance was captivated by Dyer & his troops and all this made the escapade of the pilgrims next to impossible.

The marks of bullets are still visible on the walls of the Bagh which will always make you revisit the whole brutal scenario.

This whole event very brutally took away many innocent souls and left the rest with burning scars, although according to the British Government this whole scenario was not cruel and unjustified.

Nonetheless, it evoked the freedom movement of India and added fuel to the biggest revolution and united the people of India against the East India Company.

And today Jallianwala Bagh is not just any other tourists spot in Amritsar; it is a place where the souls of our martyrs persist.


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Chandigarh | Punjab | Haryana | India


Chandigarh | Punjab | Haryana | India

Chandigarh: A planned city with lots of gardens
Chandigarh is the first planned city of independent India, which was designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. Right from the roads to the skyscrapers, everything is nicely planned in this beautiful city, which is also the capital of prosperous north Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. Every year a large number of people from different parts of India, and the world come to visit this picturesque city, and enjoys its pleasant weather, modern lifestyle, and beautiful sightseeing.

The top experiences of Chandigarh are Nek Chand Rock Garden, Capitol Complex, Government Museum & Art Gallery, Sukhna Lake, Le Corbusier Centre, High Court, Chandigarh Architecture Museum, Natural History Museum, High Court Museum, Bhima Devi Museum, Secretariat, Open Hand Sculpture, Vidhan Sabha, National Gallery of Portraits, Pinjore Gardens, Bougainvillea Garden, Rose Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Terraced Garden

Important information about Chandigarh
The city is located on the slopes of Shivalyks, the mountain range of the Himalayas. Its weather mostly remains pleasant throughout the year. Some important information about this city are as follows:
• The city is 114 sq.km in area, and it is 304-365 meters above sea level.
Chandigarh International Airport is the main airport of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.
• In winter, maximum temperature remains 16 degree centigrade and in summer it may rise up to 40 degree centigrade. The city gets an annual rainfall of 1110mm on an average.

Chandigarh offers pleasant weather, modern lifestyle, and beautiful sightseeing

Transport in Chandigarh
Chandigarh is well-connected with the rest of the country through rail, road, and air:

Air: Chandigarh International Airport is connecting important Indian cities, like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Srinagar, etc. through very upgraded air services provided by several airlines. Presently, some international flights are also connecting Chandigarh to Sharjah, and Dubai.

Road: Three national highways, viz. NH5, NH7, and NH152 are passing through this beautiful city. The internal road transport system of Chandigarh is also very strong. This city has the highest number of vehicles per capita in India. The state is connected with other parts of country like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi through public road transport system.

Rail: Chandigarh junction is an important railway station in north India. Regular trains are plying from this Chandigarh to Kolkata, Dibrugarh, Vishakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Kollam, Jaipur, Lucknow, Amritsar, Bhopal, Indore, and many other important places in India.

Famous destinations in Chandigarh
Some very attractive and famous sightseeing in this city includes the following locations:
• Sukhna Lake – This artificially created, rain-fed lake is located in Sector 1 area in Chandigarh. Its serene atmosphere is absolutely relaxing, and charming. It is also the most popular destination to observe many festivals unique to Punjab and Haryana.
• Rock Garden – Adjacent to Sukhna Lake is Chandigarh’s most famous sightseeing, Rock Garden. Its various sculptures, and interlinked causeways directed towards the waterfall of Sukhna lake are really attractive.
• Rose Garden – It is the largest botanical garden in Asia, where over 800 varieties of roses, and 33000 varieties of herbs and shrubs could be found.
• Leisure Valley – This 8Km stretched combination of various theme gardens in Chandigarh is starting from Sector 1 and ending at Sector 10.
• Capital Complex – It is located at the heart of the city. One can find the “Open hand sculpture”, a creation of Le Corbusier himself. The High court museum, and secretariat are just near to this place.

Besides, numerous other beautiful places like International doll’s museum, Terrace garden, Cactus garden, Art gallery, Government museum, and Natural history museum, etc. are visit-worthy places in this beautiful city in India.


Ashis Roy

Amritsar | Punjab | India


Amritsar | Punjab | India

The city of Amritsar in Punjab, India, is that the center of the Sikh faith. Individuals from all over the country have come here to travel the Golden Temple and luxuriate within the cultural & historical potpourri city should offer. This lovely city is found inside the northwestern a section of Asian nation, inside the Indian state of the geographic area, merely twenty-five metric long measure off from the Indo-Pakistan Border. The city has contacted a section of 5094 sqm metric linear measure, at an associate altitude of 218 m on high of the standard water level and incorporates a semi-arid climate. It includes extreme hot and dry summers (April-June), cold winters (November-March) and moderate monsoon (July- September), with a mean annual precipitation of 542 metric linear unit. The simplest time to go to this town is throughout the month of October to March. Being a significant industrial, cultural, transportation and nonsecular center of Asian nation, Amritsar is visited by thousands of holiday makers daily, together with pilgrims (domestic & foreigners) and businessmen.

The city is famous for its heart, the spectacular Golden Temple

Golden Temple | Shri Harmandir Sahib | Amritsar | PunjabSikh Religion | Amritsar | PunjabIndian Food | Amritsar | PunjabSarovar Bath | Gurudwara | Amritsar | PunjabVaisakhi | Indian Festival | Amritsar | PunjabStatue | Amritsar | PunjabJallianwala Bagh | Amritsar | PunjabJallianwala Bagh | Amritsar | Punjab

Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, etc are the must visit places in Amritsar

Some Basic information for the tourists are as follows:
• Its capital city is Chandigarh
• The STD code of Amritsar is 0183
• Its Airport is: – Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
• Currency: – Rupees

History of Amritsar
Amritsar is the seat of religious belief, a monotheistic faith that was based on the fifteenth century by Guru Nanak Dev. Amritsar is additionally home to the Sri Harmandir European (also referred to as The Golden Temple), the foremost consecrated shrine of the Sikhs everywhere the globe. Traditionally, the town of Amritsar is believed to own been purchased by the Sikh Guru Ram Das around 1570 AD from the villagers of Aleurites fordii for associate degree quantity of 700 federal agency to arrange a settlement yet as dig a tank.

Origin its name from the Amrit Sarovar, the pure tank that surrounds The Golden Temple and translating to ‘pool of nectar’ in English, Amritsar might be a thriving example of history, gastronomy, and verve.

How to reach Amritsar
Home to the notable Golden Temple, Amritsar has been attracting guests from all across the world as a result of its legendary landmarks. the town is definitely approachable through all modes of transportation. Amritsar airport, popularly referred to as Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, is found at a distance of regarding ten metric linear unit far from the town center. Those traveling by train will book their tickets up to Amritsar depot, that is well coupled with major Indian cities. One can even reach Amritsar by road from near cities by taking roadways and state operated buses, that area unit very comfy and straightforward in the pocket.

Festivals in Amritsar
Various famous festivals take place in Amritsar throughout the year. Those festivals are: –
• Guru Parb
• Lohri
• Ram Tirath Fair etc.

Amritsar is populous by joyous those that prefer to get pleasure from each moment of their life. In reality, the whole region of the geographic area is filled with such those that celebrate each single occasion with equal fanfare and zeal.

Foods in Amritsar
Food is a part of the Punjabi culture and plenty of them area unit inherent components of various festivals. Foods like:-
• A Glass of Fresh Lassi in the Morning Puri Chana for Breakfast
• True Ghee Experience at Kesar da Dhaba
• Langar at Golden Temple
• Gurdas Ram de Jalebi Wale
• Kaala Khatta at Ramkaran Cool Spot
• A-One Kulfa
• Chungi de Kulche for your afternoon Kulche Lunch

Places to visit in Amritsar
Golden Temple
Jallianwala Bagh
• Durgiana Temple
• Central Sikh Museum
• Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum
• Param Pujya Mata Lal Devi Mandir
• Sun City
• Gurudwara Shaheed Ganj Sahib
• Mandir Baba Balak Nath Ji
• Gurudwara Pipli Sahib
• Niwas Asthan Bhai Sahib Dr. Vir Singh Ji
• Company Bagh
• Khairuddin Mosque
• Partition Museum
• Hanuman Mandir
• Solar Clock
• Sri Amritsar City Gateway
• India Gate


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