The Best Food Places In Indonesia For Travellers.

With a wet and humid climate, trips to Indonesia are tough on people who enjoy a dry and cool climate that feels similar to it is at home for them. With climate aside what the country has prove to be quite an attractive travel destination for tourists that loves to taste not only international cuisine but also dishes of this island’s own dishes. We would now be taking you on our journey in food trip of some restaurants with their menu as follows,

8 food places in Indonesia for travellers

Indonesia is a food lover’s paradise, with a fascinating array of dishes to try. Here are 11 of the best places to eat in Indonesia, from street food stalls to fine dining restaurants.

1. Warung Ibu Oka – This humble warung in Ubud is famed for its babi guling (roast pork), and rightly so. The succulent pork is roasted over a fire for hours, and served with rice, Lawar (chopped vegetables with coconut), and sambal (chili sauce).

2. Sate KLopo Pak Man – This popular satay stall in Jakarta serves up some of the best sate in the city. The chicken satay here is marinated in a special recipe of spices and grilled to perfection, before being served with a delicious peanut sauce.

3. Nasi Goreng Kari Ayam – This hearty dish of fried rice with chicken curry is a staple of Indonesian cuisine, and can be found all over the country. It’s the perfect meal to fuel your day of sightseeing or exploring.

4. Bakso Malang Pak Yes – Bakso is an Indonesian meatball soup, and this stall in Malang serves up some of the best bakso in all of Indonesia. The beef balls are cooked perfectly and floating in a rich broth, making for a hearty and satisfying meal.

5. Gado-Gado Boplo – Gado-gado is a popular Indonesian salad made with blanched vegetables, tofu, and tempeh, all served in a peanut sauce. This stall in Jakarta serves up a delicious version of the dish, with fresh vegetables and a tantalising peanut sauce.

6. Nasi Campur Bali – Nasi campur is a Balinese dish of mixed rice, and this warung in Ubud serves up some of the best nasi campur on the island. The rice is mixed with an array of different dishes, including chicken, tempeh, and tofu, making for a tasty and filling meal.

7. Soto Ayam Lamongan Pak Haji – This humble warung in Lamongan is famed for its soto ayam, a chicken soup cooked in aromatic spices. The soup is served with rice, noodles, and a side of crackers, making for a hearty and satisfying meal.

8. Bakso Malang Kota – This bakso stall in Malang serves up some of the best bakso in the city. The beef balls are cooked perfectly and floating in a rich broth, making for a hearty and satisfying meal.

What to eat at each location

Indonesia is well-known for its diverse range of cuisines, and there are plenty of great places to eat no matter where you are in the country. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, here are some of the best food places in Indonesia for travellers:

in Jakarta:

1. Warung Pojok – This warung (traditional Indonesian eatery) is famous for its nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), which comes with a variety of toppings and side dishes.

2. Gudeg Yu Djum – A must-try when in Jakarta, gudeg is a traditional Javanese dish made from young jackfruit that is slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices. Gudeg Yu Djum serves up some of the best gudeg in town.

3. Batavia Café – Located in Jakarta’s Old Town, Batavia Café offers an extensive menu of Indonesian and Dutch dishes. The beef rendang (spiced beef stew) is a must-try!

in Bali:

1. Dewa Ruci – This warung in Kuta is open 24 hours and serves up cheap and delicious Indonesian food. The nasi goreng here is particularly good.

Location Map

Indonesia is a massive archipelago with more than 17,000 islands, so it’s no surprise that the food here is just as diverse. From Jakarta to Bali and beyond, there are countless unique places to eat.

Here are some of the best food places in Indonesia for travellers:

1. Nasi Goreng Cannot Be Missed in Indonesia

Nasi goreng is a fried rice dish that is popular all over Indonesia. It can be made with chicken, beef, or shrimp, and is often served with a fried egg on top.

2. Mie Goreng Is another Favourite Indonesian Dish

Mie goreng is a type of fried noodle dish that is also popular throughout Indonesia. It can be made with chicken, beef, or shrimp, and usually has vegetables like cabbage and carrots mixed in.

3. Satay Is a Must-Try When Visiting Indonesia

Satay is skewered meat that is grilled or barbecued over an open fire. It’s typically served with a peanut sauce for dipping, and can be found all over Indonesia.

4. Gado-Gado Is a Healthy vegetarian Option

Gado-gado is an Indonesian salad made with boiled vegetables and tofu, then covered in a peanut sauce dressing. It’s a healthy option for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Kamandalu Ubud Resort | Bali | Indonesia

Kamandalu Ubud Resort

Kamandalu Ubud Resort | Bali | Indonesia

Are you searching for a perfect honeymoon destination? A place where you can enjoy luxury and at the same time get connected with nature? Then you are on the right track.

Plan your trip to Bali, Indonesia, and book your stay at Kamandalu Ubud Resort.

Ubud is famous for its traditional art, ancient temples, and rice terraces. Located in the beautiful green hills of Ubud, Kamandalu Ubud Resort is a tranquil resort. The resort is built on the Petanu River and is just 10 minutes drive from Ubud center.

It is a nature lover’s paradise loaded with many luxury facilities. You will get to experience:

• Exclusive butler service at Village Club
• Authentic Indonesian cuisine at Petulu Restaurant
• 6-course forest dining at Tree Deck
• Alfresco dining by the poolside at Aira Cafe
• Lunch with Ubud’s tranquil tropical forest view at Awana Pool And Lounge
• Relax with your partner at Chaya Spa
• Rejuvenate your senses at Forest Spa

Want to know more about the experiences you will get? Check out

Bali | Indonesia


Bali | Indonesia

Bali is an island in Indonesia. Bali has maintained its uniqueness and magic over decades now and is often termed as paradise on earth. The combination of friendly environment, a breathtaking landscape with splendid beaches made Bali a very well known tourist destination. International tourism is at boom in Bali because of the constant change that has happened over years. Bali offers wide range of attractions and provides everything an island offers from hotels and resorts to private villas and spas.

Famous for couples, a honeymoon destination

One can surely expect a very warm welcome from Balinese with their quirky, vibrant and lively culture. Bali bring forth a year round gratifying climate and the love for art and culture can be seen in every nook and corner of the island. The aura of this island is so that it can simply swift you off your feet. Bali has retained its magic since years. It’s a calm and still destination that offers something for everyone. Though Bali gets quiet crowded in the month of August, September and during Christmas.

Bali is one of the most popular island destination in the world

Bali offers beautiful beaches, and water sports like surfing and diving, but it’s the soul and spirit of Bali – and the Balinese – that makes it so much more than just a beachy retreat. The people of this small island are indeed kind and genuinely warm people. There’s also a fun, sly sense of humor behind Balinese peoples smiles. Balinese dance and music are rightly famous and majorly attracts the travellers to the island to enjoy it. Dance is also enjoyed a lot by the tourists, as it is extremely visual and dramatic.

There are many different cities in this beautiful destination that attracts the tourist. These cities are:

• Denpasar: It’s the transport hub of the island but not quiet a touristy destination. It’s a buzzing and vibrant city and also the administrative center of this place.
• Canidasa: It is a hushed coastal town also a gateway to the east coast.
• Kuta: The best nightlife and shopping place in the entire island. It’s the most heavily developed area in Bali. It’s the center for lower end party culture on Bali
• Jimbaran: This place has the best beachy location with seaside alluring resorts. One can surely indulge into some mouth-watering seafood at the restaurants near south of Kuta.
• Seminyak: This place has some really stunning upscale beachside resorts and villas and it is a very peaceful location to spend holidays in a quiet and stillness. One can also expect some quiet expensive bars and restaurants whose interiors give a luxurious look with stylish bars and restaurants.
• Ubud: It’s a trendy hub of arts and culture, located in the foothills of island. There are many incredible museums in this city. One can also see a monkey forest. One can take back home many arts and crafts from here as many shops here sells arts and crafts.
• Legian: This city is located in the middle of Kuta and Seminyak and there is not much to see in this place.
• Padang Bai: The place offers quiet an adventure as you can try snorkeling and diving here. There is also fishing option at the nice and calm traditional fishing village. You can also witness a peaceful beach and don’t forget to eat fish at this place. They serve tasty fishes over here.
• Lovina: Enjoy the charm of the beautiful coral reef in this city. Also the black volcanic beaches is something one should go in this city for. Totally a worth!
• Sanur: This place is famous for family holidays to enjoy pleasant breezy atmosphere at sea side resorts and beaches. Older people will love this place as it provides a peaceful atmosphere.

If you are planning for adventurous trip with water rides then you should straight away head for North Bali as it offers the best options of diving and surfing that will make your trip totally worthwhile.

All the party and clubbing people you are going to have hell lot of fun, as this place even after being popular for its quiet atmosphere, offers ample of options of clubbing. Nearly quiet a century before this place was totally famous for being a popular place for hippies and surfers. And there is no obligatory time for there clubs to open or close. So, you can literally imagine being in one of these clubs and dance like there is no tomorrow. And if you are planning for an expensive trip then Seminyak offers really cool luxurious beachside lounge or a beach side party in Kuta.

Kuta often attracts the young people whereas Seminyak attracts hippies and hardcore clubbers. Many International DJ’s are invited to slay the tourists. If you are keen to go for a live music club then Kuta, Sansur and Denpasar are your places. These places are best for karaoke lovers. Bali offers wide range of nightlife from luxurious to sophisticated and from expensive to cheap. So if you don’t want to burden your wallet then also you have great option in this island.

This island is much more than Beach and Sun. It also offers gorgeous animal parks, water rides park, family parks and fascinating temples. The various nature and culture of this island allows for numerous activities. You can plainly go on trekking, or mountain biking or you can even climb up the volcano for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The Waterbom Waterpark is a must as it offers fun water slides and make sure you have the best of time. Also it has various restaurants and parks. You will have an amazing day here if you want a day off the beaches.

As you can do anything you can imagine then what are you waiting for? Just start packing and leave for Bali. Now!


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